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Centrifugal Separator

Ever-increasing demands on the quality of raw materials and final products place new importance on modern technologies and production processes. SIEBTECHNIK TEMA centrifugal separators provide the cutting-edge technology you need to achieve your goals, from raw materials to refined final product.

These machines are used in filtration or sedimentation sloid/liquid separation applications throughout the world thanks to their extreme performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Functional and durable, they are used to perform key function in many different industries, from minerals processing to chemicals to laboratories.

  • Complete range of screen scroll, pusher, sliding & vibrating centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, and hybrid machines
  • Dewater large quantities of solid particles to low final moistures with fast cycle times
  • Complete range of sizes, from smallest laboratory-scale quantities to bulk goods handling
  • High energy efficiency, excellent wear resistance lowers overall operational costs
  • Engineered to improve product distribution, minimise vibration stress

Multotec has distributed the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA range of centrifuges for over 30 years. We work closely with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA engineers in providing customers with customised, application-specific equipment, with reliable engineering and aftersales support.

Achieve your solid/liquid separation goals with Multotec.

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Filtering Centrifuges

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Improve your solid/liquid separation and solids washing application efficiency with our continuously operated centrifugal filter range.

Sedimenting Centrifuges

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

Centrifugal sedimentation solutions provide efficient separation of even the finest solids & near complete clarification of liquid phases.

Hybrid Centrifuges

Tailings Dam Cyclone

Combines filtering and sedimenting centrifuges into a hybrid machine for increasing solids dewatering efficiency and reduced energy costs.

Laboratory Centrifuge

Cyclone Distributors

Cost-effective, highly-efficient and long-lasting, our wide range of cyclone distributors accommodates between 2 and 62 cyclones.


Engineered for your application

Multotec’s range of centrifuges includes solutions for filtration (pusher, vibrating and Conturbex machines), sedimentation (conventional decanter centrifuge), as well as a range of hybrid machines, which combine the 2 processes.

Working with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA, Multotec works with our customers to engineer a completely bespoke machine best suited to the application. Suing an excellent range of product data and designs developed over decades of industry experience, we provide fit-for-application, purpose-made solutions.

The compact nature of our centrifugal separator range means they are easy to install, whether for retrofit or Greenfield projects.

Our centrifugal separators: 

  • efficiently separate solids from liquids, for particles of all sizes
  • recover valuable minerals from slurries
  • help plants reduce their waste, work towards ZLD
  • reduce thermal drying times and costs
  • improve the quality of discharged contents 
  • reduce their environmental footprint
Enhance your product quality with solid/liquid separation equipment from Multotec.



SIEBTECHNIK TEMA, the umbrella brand of SIEBTECHNIK GmbH, specialises in processing equipment for mineral bulk solids as well as solid/liquid separation in the chemical and food industries. Founded in 1922, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA is headquartered in Germany’s Rhine Ruhr Area, with manufacturing sites around the world. 

With almost 100 years of company history, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA has an established strategic industry position, and an impressive worldwide presence. The company has approximately 3 500 employees and more than 50 Group companies.

Watch this video to learn more about leading centrifugal specialist SIEBTECHNIK TEMA.

We supply your Centrifuge Basket requirements

Multotec’s screening division manufactures a complete range of centrifuge baskets for your solid/liquid separation requirements. Manufactured from abrasion-resistant 430 stainless steel, or 304 stainless steel for corrosive applications, Multotec centrifuge baskets are used across in industrial centrifuges across the world.Multotec centrifuge baskets for centrifugal separators are used in minerals processes, food and beverage, water and wastewater, checmials and petrochemicals and more.

  • Manufactured in various aperture sizes, open area volumes and longitudinal profiles to suit your process
  • Custom accelerator bars can optimise speed of material, reducing wear
  • Optional feed and discharge end wear cones reduce wear and extend basket life
  • Multotec centrifuge baskets are dynamically balanced to provide peak performance and minimise wear and tear on your centrifuge

View our range of centrifuge baskets.

Achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

More stringent environmental legislation and requirements for ISO 14001 compliance have placed renewed focus on companies to reduce and process their waste more efficiently, aiming towards zero liquid discharge.

Utilising a centrifugal separator can not only help companies separate water from slurries, it is also being used to isolate sellable products from the slurry, which can provide a secondary revenue stream.

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Conturbex centrifuge, with more than 7 000 machines currently operating in more than 1 000 applications across the world, is the ideal equipment for ZLD processes, offering specific advantages over pusher centrifuges for this application:

  • Designed for short product residence time means performance if not impacted by fluctuating flow rate or solids concentration
  • Engineered with a scrolled product transporting mechanism allows even distribution of product along the basket, reducing vibrations and ensuring mechanical integrity of the machine
  • Self-cleaning design, especially useful in unplanned outages where rotating components slow down and simultaneously clean the basket
  • Deal with any slurries, including abrasive, corrosive or extreme temperatures, ensuring durability and increased component life

Read more about using a centrifuge to achieve ZLD.

Choose a process partner who will constantly work to lower your cost per ton.


Our longest standing centrifuges

The SIEBTECHNIK TEMA screen roll centrifuge and vibrating screen centrifuge are the 2 longest standing centrifuges offered by Multotec.

The first SIEBTECHNIK TEMA vertical screen scroll centrifuge for industrial applications was developed in 1938, and the first horizontal centrifuge developed in 1954 with the name CONTURBEX. Today there are thousands of these centrifugal screening machines in use worldwide.

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA vibrating centrifugal separators have been successfully used for dewatering coal since 1965 and are reliable coarse coal centrifuges.

Centrifuge Screen Scroll

CX Screen Scoll Centrifuge

  • Consists of less than 20 main components
  • Planetary gearbox used for extra torque
  • Dual drive pulley system
  • Drive motor and oil tank outside main frame
  • Choice of bottom or side liquid discharge
  • No cantilever effect

HSG Vibrating Screen Centrifuge

  • Polyurethane door with inspection cover
  • Easily replaceable ceramic modular panels
  • Special tool for easy cage removal
  • Improved stabilising system
  • Beat wear lining protects steel feed pipe
  • Maintenance-friendly safety guard
We offer you unmatched application knowledge, refined engineering and field service maintenance with your dewatering media.
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