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Sludge Pump

Transfer abrasive and corrosive sludge and slurry efficiently and easily with the Multotec range of industrial sludge pumps.

Our sludge transfer pumps are ideal in a wide range of heavy and medium-duty applications, from slurry transfer (cyclone, spirals and filter feed, mill discharge) to tailings disposal, mine dewatering, effluent discharge and more.

  • Vertical and horizontal pump designs to accommodate any application
  • Flow rates up to 5 000 m3/hr
  • Reduced wear and minimised downtime derived from alloy and rubber construction
  • Simplified maintenance enabled by interchangeable liners
  • Leading wear lining technology facilitates increased pump longevity

Across industries – from mineral processing and mining to construction, wastewater treatment and more – operators are choosing Multotec’s superior quality sludge pumps to meet their needs efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively.

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Dewatering Pumps

Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Remove up to 400 m3/hour dirty water or light slurry quickly and efficiently. Designed for flexible rotation & ease of maintenance efficiency

Heavy-Duty Metal or Rubber Pump (HD)

Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

Available in a combination of wet material, chrome, rubber & grades of stainless steel alloys to transport highly dense & corrosive slurries.

Heavy-Duty Non-lined Metal Pump

Tailings Dam Cyclone

Designed with increased wear resistance and to efficiently transport highly dense and corrosive slurries. Easy strip and reassemble.

Medium-Duty Metal Pump

Cyclone Distributors

Versatile and designed to increase wear performance & efficiently transport dense & abrasive slurries. Discharge sizes 25 to 250 mm.

TV Sump Pump

As one of the world’s leading hydrocyclone manufacturers, Multotec supplies a complete range of hydrocyclone parts, including hydrocyclone liners.

One of the world’s leading spillage pumps! Cost-effective design featuring dual-discharge pipe eliminating the need for support bearings.

VS Vertical Spindle Pump

Cyclone spares

Designed for slurry handling out-of-pit, tank or dam applications, constructed from various alloys and rubbers to help reduce wear.


Multotec’s sludge pump capabilities

Sludge pumpMining customers around the world use our superior range of solids handling centrifugal pumps. The range is made up of horizontal, vertical and submersible sludge pumps used across all service classes.

  • Service class 1 – Mine Dewatering Pump Sets
  • Service class 2 – General Service Slurry Pump Sets with Fine Solids
  • Service class 3 – Heavy Duty Slurry Pump Sets
  • Service class 4 – Severe Duty Pump Sets

When looking for a sludge pump for sale, Multotec will work with you in specifying the type, design and capacity of your pump according to slurry weight, concentration, abrasivity and throughput requirements.

Multotec is an industry leader with its sludge pump solutions. Discover the Multotec difference.

Multotec is an industry leader with it's sludge pump solutions. Discover the Multotec difference.

What’s under the hood of Multotec’s Slurry Pumps?

Outer casings

  • Designed to achieve higher operating pessures and withstand severe duties
  • Designed for easy assembly
  • Lifting points about the centre of gravity for safer removal and assembly


  • Increased pump efficiency lowering overall lifecycle costing
  • Designed for extended wear life
  • Customer materials for heavy duty applications with higher tolerance to abrasion and corrosive slurry services


  • Less turbulance
  • Designed for extended wear life
  • Latest wear resistant materials
  • Interchangeability between elastomer or metal liners

Sealing chamber

  • Increased sealing efficiency
  • designed to reduce gland service water requirement
  • Dynamic, mechanical and basic sealing arrangements

Bearing assembly

  • Designed for maximum operating life and reduced maintenance
  • Common assembly for up to 4 pump sizes lowers operating and inventory requirements
  • Safe and easy to maintain
Multotec Sludge Pumps are built to handle extreme abrasion, and proven across the world’s toughest mining applications.

Industries that use our sludge pumps

The use of Multotec sludge pumps isn’t limited to a specific sector, but used across a vast range of industries, such as: 

Mining & Mineral Processing

Mines and mineral processing plants are harsh environments, with large amounts of aggressive and abrasive slurry that must be transported to various applications for further processing or for discharge.

Multotec’s sludge pumps for mineral processing and mining are designed to withstand the heavy duty demands of these industries.


In the construction industry, ground water must be removed and both sludge and wastewater need to be diverted for treatment and reuse or discharge. Multotec’s sludge pump design and flow rates cater to the many pumping requirements of this industry.

Pulp & Paper

Most paper mills have their own wastewater treatment plants and, as sludge is a by-product of the paper manufacturing process. Multotec sludge pumps are ideal in removing this slurry.

The Multotec Sludge Pumps is proven on the world's toughest sludge and slurry transfer applications.

The importance of selecting the correct sludge pump

Sludge, generally associated with industries like steel processing, mining, power generation, mineral processing, cement, etc., is heavy and can contain corrosive, abrasive or volatile content. Because sludge behaves much the same as thick and viscous fluids, a powerful pump that processes and moves waste fluids with high solid content is necessary.

Sludge is divided into two distinct categories – settling and non-settling. In settling sludge, coarse particles form which can lead to an unstable mixture. Because of the flow and power required with pumping, it is essential to select the appropriate pump. Non-settling sludge consists of fine particles with low-wearing properties. However, it is also important to select the most appropriate pump for this category.

Multotec will work with you in specifying the type, design and capacity of your pump according to sludge weight, concentration, abrasive characteristics and throughput requirements.


What to consider when selecting a sludge pump

There are many and varied sludge pump types. In selecting one, it is necessary that the sludge to be pumped be classified. Sludge and slurry classification is more than just its measuring solids concentration. In addition to the concentration of solids, classification criteria include measuring solids’ particle size, shape and weight. This information is used to determine slurry and sludge abrasion severity and, subsequently, classify the sludge as class 1, class 2, class 3 or class 4.

There are ongoing changes in slurry pump design and construction in order to accommodate the various sludge types. The numeric sludge classification method assists plant managers when selecting the pump for a specific application. In determining the most appropriate slurry pump to meet all requirements, engineers, plant managers and pump operators must consider pump capacity, head, solids handling capacity, efficiency, power and speed.

Multotec’s pump technicians and engineers are experts in their field and use their years of experience along with the latest software to ensure you get the correct pump for your classified sludge.

The impeller’s peripheral speed is a main feature, and classification component, of sludge pumps. Due to the high abrasion of solids, is important that the speed is according to the correct classification type (class 1, 2, 3 or 4), which will aid in the pump achieving its desired service life.


Sludge vs slurry – what’s the difference?

The terms sludge and slurry are often interchanged, although there is a difference between the two. 

They are differentiated by their texture and components. Both are by-products of industrial, wastewater treatment or refining processes, and both are defined as wet mixture of solid and liquid components. The primary difference is that sludge is thick and soft while slurry is thin and sloppy.

Each can contain biosolids or other debris, mud, oils and non-hazardous water, and both can be packaged in drums, stored in holding tanks or intermediate bulk containers.

However, as the products are different and contain different contaminants, they should be dealt with slightly differently
If there are contaminants in either of these products, they should be removed in either a dewatering or a filtration process. The filter cakes resulting from this process may be contaminated or have biosolids containing organic matter. The composition of filter cakes determines whether they can be reused or disposed of. Either way, the remaining water must be treated again in a process optimised for recycling and reuse.

Multotec’s range of 6 various sludge pumps means we have the ideal pump for all of your slurry and sludge applications.

International mining houses such as Glencore, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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