TV Sump Pump

The Multotec TV sump pump, manufactured in South Africa, is one of the world’s leading spillage pumps, thanks to its high efficiencies and cost-effective designs. This engineer-designed pump features a dual-discharge pipe that eliminates the need for support bearings, driving down overall costs.

Our TV sump pump is a vertical pump that is constructed using a combination of various alloys to enable it to reduce wear and, in turn, reduce your operation’s overall downtime. This versatile metal pump has been specifically designed to increase wear performance and efficiently transport highly dense and corrosive slurries in a variety of applications.

The pump is available in a 76 mm discharge size, with various shaft lengths available to suit your application requirements.

Features of this Pump:

  • Open impeller design
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Manufactured Y-piece into a single discharge
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Various shaft lengths to suit your application requirements
Increase your processing efficiencies with an industrial sump pump from Multotec.

Design characteristics:

Constructed from various metals to suit tough operating environments:

  • High chromes
  • Various stainless steels

Design assembly:


Multotec’s expertise in Pumps:

In 2015, we expanded our product range to include solutions for process water applications (including those in agriculture and construction). Manufactured and tested in-house at our factories in South Africa, we have developed industrial slurry pumps for mineral processing and building sand & gravel.

Our pump ranges incorporate solutions for abrasive slurry operations, medium-duty slurry applications and CIP processes, large solids, abrasive slurries, and sump applications including spillage and carbon transfer. Some units feature interchangeable casing liners and are available in different spindle lengths and various materials of construction.

Achieve your mineral processing goals with Multotec. Contact us today.
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