Heavy-duty Non-lined Metal Pump

The Multotec non-lined metal pump, also known as the heavy-duty gravel pump, has been designed with increased wear resistance and to efficiently transport highly dense and corrosive slurries.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, this slurry pump is designed to provide simplifed maintenance. This is thanks to a specially designed clamp that provides easy strip down and reassemble, lowering overall ownership costs.

Manufactured in South Africa to withstand tough operating conditions, this metal pump is constructed with a combination of alloys to provide long-lasting performance. This horizontal, non-lined metal pump range features a 3-vane impeller design to accommodate varying particle sizes with high processing efficiency.

The pump discharge sizes vary from 100 to 250 mm.

Features of this pump:

  • Unlined volute design
  • Interchangeable medium- and heavy-duty bearing units
  • Simplified single-piece frame design
  • Designed to support standard- and heavy-duty bearing units
  • Minimised vibration and shaft deflection
Increase your processing efficiencies with an industrial slurry pump from Multotec

Design characteristics:

Liner options:

Cover Plate, Bowl and Insert are constructed from various metals to provide wear resistance:

  • High Chromes
  • Various stainless steels


  • 3-vane impeller configuration
  • Metal impeller design 

Sealing options:

  • Stuffing box
  • Expeller

HG Gravel Metal Pump assembly:


Multotec’s expertise in Pumps:

In 2015, we expanded our product range to include solutions for agricultural, construction and process water industries. To this end, we now offer a comprehensive range of pumps, effluent treatment solutions and metals recovery processes.

We have developed eight ranges of industrial slurry pumps for mineral processing, power generation, water & sewage, building sand & gravel and agriculture. These are designed to cut costs and increase overall process efficiency.

Our pump ranges incorporate solutions for corrosive slurry operations, medium-duty slurry applications and CIP processes, large solids, abrasive slurries, sump applications including spillage and carbon transfer. Some units feature interchangeable casing liners and are available in different spindle lengths and various materials of construction.


Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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