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Power Generation Industry

Multotec provides the power generation industry with a complete range of wear lining solutions for chutes, pipelines, transfer points, mills and more.

Our solutions for power generation plants include both raw coal transfer systems and P.F. handling equipment, which are all easily installed and retrofitted as tailored process solutions in your operation.

As a leading supplier of wear linings to the power generation industry, we have been active in the manufacture of high-technology alumina ceramics, basalt and other composite materials for over 20 years.

Benefits of power generation solutions from Multotec:

  • Increase plant & equipment wear life
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance costs
  • High heat resistance, up to 400° C
  • Improve plant performance
  • Wear optimisation support, condition monitoring & technical support

With vast expertise in the field, we believe in an unwavering commitment to innovation, technological expertise and quality manufacturing, positioning us as the leading supplier of solutions for the power generation industry.

Get in touch with one of our power generation experts

Trust the team that protects over 90% of Eskom’s flu lines with robust ceramic tiles.Contact us.

Raw coal transfer equipment:

  • Stacker reclaimer chutes
  • Transformation pieces
  • Bunkers
  • Transfer chutes
  • Raw coal chutes
  • Direct bonded ceramic drive & non drive conveyor pulley lagging

Get all the power generation equipment you need.

Protect your equipment with our wear resistant linings.

P.F. Handling equipment:

  • Mill body
  • Mill classifiers
  • Feed and discharge boxes
  • Lens disk valves
  • P.F. classifier spools
  • P.F elbows
  • Splitters
  • Orifices
  • Burner elbows
  • Burner boxes & saddles
  • Non-return valves

Power Generation Wear Resistant Linings

Cast Basalt Wear Resistant Material

Cast Basalt Wear Resistant Material

This wear resistant material provides an extremely durable, long-lasting lining for plants bearing large volumes of abrasive and/or corrosive matter.

Rubber Wear Plates

Our rubber wear plates, available as standard and profiled, are easy to install for use in both wet & dry applications, with thicknesses up to 230 mm and sizes up to 1 320 mm.

RubCer Composite Wear Products

Offering exceptional wear and impact resistance, this range features ceramic wear tiles embedded in a rubber foundation and can be cylpeb, block or hex tile shaped.

Green Dot Ceramic Wear Tiles

Green Dot tiles have an integrated wear indicator, where a green portion of the insert wears down to reveal a red layer, signifying a need for replacement.

Yellow Belly Liners

The optimum solution for inspecting rubber wear plates simply and safely, these linings use a yellow compound to indicate wear and in turn, the need for replacement.


Industrial Ceramic Linings advantages:

Our wear resistant industrial ceramic lining tiles are cut to your required shape and size, are easily installed and maintained and are suitable for both wet and dry processing applications.

Our ceramic linings offer:

  • Zero friction against minerals with a smooth glassy surface
  • Highest protection against abrasion and corrosion
  • Wear protection up to 400°C
  • Longer life than traditional wear protection
  • Reduced downtime and maximised plant productivity

power generation equipment

Improve your power plant performance

We design, manufacture and install application-specific process solutions, specifically tailored to your needs, to enhance your operational performance. Using our wear resistant linings, we enhance your plant’s resistance to wear and corrosion, extending performance over its lifespan.

Multotec delivers real-time supply, installation, asset management and flow sheet solutions with an emphasis on plant availability and service support to mines, project houses and a growing OEM client base.

We deliver world-class support to you our customers’ operations, with sophisticated engineering and design capabilities for standard and custom engineered ceramics, abrasion audits, and full specification design, installation and related project management.

Local Innovation, Global Presence:

With our international footprint and global expertise in innovative and continuous product development, we utilise lessons learned from around the world into local innovations. This ensures a customised and ideally suited solutions for our clients’ operations.

We have branches, representatives and offices globally. Using this strategically-located distribution network across Africa, North America, South America and Australia, we can supply our products and services to wherever our customers are based.

Power generation industry equipment.

Multotec ceramic quick fit panels are preassembled ceramic wear panels that incorporate the Green Dot Tile for wear monitoring, enabling reduced maintenance time and simplified stockholding.

Improve your plant performance and increase uptime, with Multotec’s range of power plant equipment.
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