Yellow Belly Liner

Yellow Belly Liners from Multotec have been developed as the optimum solution for inspecting rubber wear plates simply and safely. Developed as a visual aid for condition monitoring purposes, these wear resistant linings incorporate an integral yellow compound which acts as a wear indicator. This yellow rubber is the same high-quality as the black rubber installed in Multotec’s high-impact and high-abrasion application equipment.

Also called yellow belly wear indicators, this range of wear solutions is engineered to order (ETO) only. Using the yellow compound as an indicator does not affect Multotec’s rubber wear plate superior performance. In fact, application-specific engineering takes factors such as impact, energy, flow rate, particle size and impact angle into account.

Yellow Belly Liner advantages 

  • Engineered specifically for individual application requirements across a vast range of applications
  • Ideal for applications where impact and abrasion cause wear
  • Enables planning for change-outs which reduces unplanned downtime
  • Helps prevent damage to equipment
  • Short lead times and flexible installation
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Yellow Belly Liner applications

Capable of being applied to a multitude of applications where impact and abrasion cause wear, Multotec’s Yellow Belly Liners are, typically, ideal for:

  • Chutes and transfer points
  • Bins and dead boxes
  • Vibrating screens at feed point
  • Protection liners and mill applications
  • Trommel liners

Sizes and configuration 

Yellow Belly liners, similarly to Multotec’s other rubber wear plates, range in size up to 1 260 X 1 320 mm and 1 000 X 2 000 mm, but all plates can be cut to suit your specific liner configuration. Plate thickness varies between 40 and 200 mm including the steel backing plate, which is 3 to 10 mm thick dependent on rubber thickness and application type.

How Yellow Belly Liners work 

The traditional, established black rubber wear plates now include a bright yellow layer above the steel backing plate. When the yellow layer is exposed it indicates that the liner wear level has been reached and replacement is necessary.

Replacement need not be done immediately as time to replace the liners has been factored into the engineering. However, as soon as the colour change is noticed, planning for a change out should begin.

Installation is extremely flexible as Yellow Belly Liners are provided with the traditional bolt & rubber plug system or stud welding according to the chute or bin drilling pattern. Where drilling is unfavourable, Multotec Rubber can provide magnetic liners that include the Yellow Belly wear indicator.

Multotec manufactures and distributes a vast range of wear solutions that includes ball mill linersmill and scrubber liningsprofile linersrubber liningsrubber mill liners and transfer points & chutes.

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Multotec’s Yellow Belly Liners provide the same superior performance as Multotec rubber wear plates, but with a visible wear indicator.
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