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Centrifugation in Mineral Processing

Centrifugation in mineral processing is achieved by using; Multotec’s industrial centrifuge decanters, also known as centrifugal decanters. These specialised centrifuge decanters reduce waste and increase overall & separation efficiency.

Manufactured by the world-renowned centrifuge specialists Siebtechnik, Multotec has successfully supplied and installed centrifugal decanters to mineral, chemical and industrial processing international markets for more than 4 decades.

Ideal for all mechanical solid / liquid separation, centrifugation in mineral processing achieves thorough separation by dewatering large quantities of solids to realise low final moistures. When using Multotec-supplied equipment for centrifugation in mineral processing, the cost of thermal drying is considerably reduced. This, when combined with the fact that Multotec’s machine process knowledge helps optimise customers separation applications, becomes a distinct advantage. 

 Benefits of Centrifugation in Mineral Processing: 

  • Reduced thermal drying and other processing costs
  • Increased separation efficiency for particles of all sizes
  • Compact design facilitates use in small operating areas
  • Reduces waste with optimised separation
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Centrifugal Decanters from Multotec: 

Centrifugal decanters from Multotec operate on the counter-flow principle. Suspension is introduced to the centre of the bowl for separation. Sediment is then conveyed via the scroll, which continuously rotates at an altered speed to that of the bowl, resulting in clarified liquid flowing from the bowl’s large diameter opening.

Optimum control of the required separation process is achieved by continuously adjusting the height of the bowl’s liquid level and the resulting ratio of clear liquid and dry solids. A well-proven gear unit is used to obtain the differential speed between the scroll and the bowl, using V-belts as the standard drive arrangement. However, depending on the required rotating speed combination, the centrifugal decanter is equipped with a single drive or double drive design.

Centrifugal Decanters from Multotec are available in 3 distinct, application-specific types and come with international service and support:

TS Decanter Centrifuge:  used typically in gas-tight process systems

  • High degree of reliability
  • Closed process housing
  • Proven sealing design

DZ Decanter Centrifuge: supplied in an open process, vapour-tight and gas-tight design

  • 2-piece product housing sealed with chamber rings
  • Rotating part geometry designed specifically for separation equipment
  • Machines with bowl diameters > 1 000 mm are standard

DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge: combination of a solid bowl decanting centrifuge and screen scroll centrifuge

  • exceptional dewatering results
  • ideal for crystalline and granular products

Multotec is a South Africa-based group with its headquarters in Johannesburg, Gauteng. It has branches throughout the rest of the African continent, Australia, South and North America. The group’s manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001: 2000 certified, and each is equipped with sophisticated equipment enabling Multotec engineers to develop products to enhance the value of customers’ mineral processing production systems and processes.  

Optimised separation with Multotec's industrial Centrifugal Decanters.
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