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Laboratory Centrifuge

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA Laboratory Centrifuges offer smaller-scale laboratory testing solutions to test, fine-tune and optimise your solid/liquid or liquid/liquid separation application so you can achieve higher-quality final products.

In doing laboratory and test work on your centrifuge, you can not only identify the best centrifuge for your application, but also optimum size and performance parameters. This means greatest performance efficiency and lowest overall costs. 

To achieve tests of laboratory standards SIEBTECHNIK TEMA offers two different centrifuges: the CENTIFLEX and CENTRILAB. Multotec also offers its own laboratory work services for customers.

Used for all types of preparation work:

  • Filtration
  • Washing
  • Clarification
  • Continuous separation of two liquids 
  • Production of emulsions

Multotec has distributed the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA range of centrifuges for over 20 years. Working closely with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA engineers, Multotec provides application-specific and customised equipment, with reliable engineering and aftersales support. 


Identify your ideal centrifuge size and performance parameters to optimise your solid / liquid process.Contact Multotec



Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

The multifunctional CENTRIFLEX simulates extreme centrifugal forces, offering high g forces (6 000 g) and short start/stop times.


Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone

The portable CENTILAB tests / simulates any centrifuge, using high g forces (3 500 g) and extremely short start/stop times.


Features and Functions:


  • Short start/stop times
  • High g force (> 3, 500 g)
  • Identify your ideal centrifuge
  • Simple & easy application

Centrifuge Simulations

Almost every type of centrifugal force can be tested and/or simulated, simply and easily, with our laboratory centrifuges. Simulations include filtering and sedimenting centrifuges as well as continuous- or batch-centrifuges with appropriate tests. 
When choosing your suitable centrifuge type, dimensional scaling, performance parameters and rpms, decisions are based on our laboratory centrifuge tests. 

Preparation work

The CENTRIFLEX can also be used for many kinds of preparative work. When fitted with the appropriate accessories, it can be used for:

  • Filtration
  • Washing
  • Clarification
  • Continuous separation of two liquids 
  • Production of emulsions

Operational & Mechanical Characteristics

With extremely robust mechanical constructions and a fully electronic control systems, our laboratory centrifuges can test and/or simulate almost any type of centrifuge. 

Essential operating parameters can be precisely simulated in tests, including g force, dwell time and cake thickness.  With an easy-to-read touch screen control unit, controlling and programming the centrifuge is made simple. The control unit digitally displays speed, spin time, and operating status. Additionally, the control unit offers selection of automatic or manual operation timing. 
All our laboratory centrifuges are fitted with an electric cover interlock, making access to the rotating parts impossible when the unit is in operation, ensuring precise results.

Centrifuge Test Work Services

Multotec is committed to R&D in developing new and expanding existing industry products. As part of maintaining this commitment, we offer thorough test work services to clients around the world, informing our research and new products.

Our centrifuge test work service is conducted on our laboratory centrifuge, the CENTRILAB.

In-house and on-site centrifuge test work includes:

  • Identification of solids density, particle size distribution and solids concentration
  • Laboratory tests to detect the sample behaviour, moisture content and optimum operation condition
  • Sedimentation and filtration type tests

Multotec’s test work capabilities have developed over the years, borne from intensive R&D to develop new or expand existing industry products.


SIEBTECHNIK TEMA specialises in processing equipment for mineral bulk solids as well as solid/liquid separation in the chemical and food industries. 

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA machines are esteemed on a global scale, for extreme performance, reliability, versatility, and durability. 

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA has an established and strategic industry position in a variety of industries, and a notable worldwide presence, with almost 100 years of company history. 

Achieve your highest-quality materials, with Multotec’s laboratory centrifuge testing.
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