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Multotec manufactures a complete range of wear solutions for pipelines, bunkers, chambers, transfer points and chutes in bulk materials handling and classification applications against high-velocity impact and sliding abrasion. 

Since 1990, Multotec has supplied wear linings to the international processing market, with a complete product range that includes rubberalumina ceramic, basalt, epoxy and other composite wear materials.

With a global branch network and distributors in over 100 countries, Multotec ensures we can supply customised wear solutions to your plant to your specification with fast lead times, along with end-to-end engineering and field support.

  • Full design and engineering capabilities for standard and custom engineered ceramics
  • Abrasion surveys ensure maximum wear management, and optimise your maintenance schedules
  • Full specification design, installation and related project management.
  • Ceramic products can be cut to any shape as your equipment requires
  • Heat resistance up to 1 000 °C
Multotec is your end-to-end wear solutions specialist.Contact us

View our Wear Solutions range:

Wear Resistant Linings

Basalt and ceramic wear lining protect equipment .

Multotec is a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial ceramic, cast basalt and other composite wear resistant linings.

Impact Resistant Linings

Provide maximum protection against impact-related wear on your plant components and infrastructure with Multotec.

Engineered Ceramic Solutions

Customised ceramic solutions tailored for your application .

Our range of engineered ceramic solutions and ceramic wear resistant tiles extend the wear life of your equipment.

Pipeline Wear & Flow Solutions

Pipeline flow solutions protect your plant’s pipes from abrasion

Pipe lining solutions are designed for the transference of materials at high velocities and with high abrasive properties.

Transfer Points & Chutes

Transfer Points & Chutes

Hard-wearing plates providing abrasion and impact resistance from transported materials at your transfer points.

Get in touch with your local mineral processing specialists.

Industry Specific Solutions

Mining Industry

From ceramic and basalt linings to epoxy wear components and Multoslip, we have the perfect wear lining solution for your mining needs.  


Power Generation Industry

Multotec wear linings has a well-established history in the manufacture and supply of ceramic and basalt lined equipment for fossil fuel power stations.


Mineral Processing

We have a range of wear linings specialised for the mineral processing industry from standard tiles, impact applications, engineered ceramics to pulley lagging.

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Wear Lining
Multotec Positions Itself as a Full Wear Linings Solutions Provider
Compression Moulded Rubber Liners
Cast Basalt Wear Resistant Material
Yellow Belly Liner
Rubber Wear Plates
RubCer Composite Wear Products
Green Dot Tile
Pipeline Wear & Flow Solutions
flotation wear components
Trommel Screen Panels
SAG Mill Trommel Screens
Ceradox High Impact Panels
Ceradox High Impact Panels
Rotary Sample Splitter
Rotating Plate Divider / Dry Vezin Splitter
CIF® technology test rig
Profile Liners
Side Liners
Magnetic liners

Discover the technology and innovation behind the Multotec Multocano Chute Solutions.

Multotec quick fit panels are preassembled ceramic wear panels that incorporate the Red Dot Tile for wear monitoring, enabling reduced maintenance time and simplified stockholding.

Multotec Ceramic Pipe Pig I Condition Monitoring

Multotec Ceramic Chutes Modular Chute Solutions

Tailored Wear Solutions

Multotec tailors application-specific wear solutions for your unique plant needs. Our wear resistant products provide the mining, petrochemical, power generation and general industries with high-resistance conveyance lining.

Our world-leading wear solutions are the result of a committed approach to advancing material science through ongoing research and development.

Our solutions include:

  • Cast Basalt wear-resistant material
  • Multoslip low-friction lining
  • Ceramic wear-resistant tiles
  • Direct-bonded ceramic pulley lagging
  • Epoxy wear linings
  • Steel liners
  • Composite liners

Lower your cost per processed ton

Multotec’s global service centres provide the highest level of installation and back-up services by highly-qualified engineers and technicians. 

Multotec provides a broad spectrum of applications to the materials-handling and beneficiation industries, where abrasive material is mechanically, pneumatically and hydraulically conveyed.

Ceramic wear linings are highly resistant and increase the substrate life on which the ceramics are bonded resulting in minimised production loses.

Multotec offers:

  • Turnkey wear solutions
  • Standard and custom design and engineering 
  • Installation and project management
  • Abrasion and wear surveys

Our teams offer technical and process evaluations to provide our customers with the most cost-effective tailored solutions.

Wear Maintenance Audits 

Multotec offers holistic wear maintenance contracts that are tailored to your specification and application requirements. 

Multotec wear solution experts conduct regular inspections to monitor wear rates as well as conduct on-site repairs.  

Our wear audits aim to:

  • Identify areas of high wear
  • Reduce overall rate of wear
  • Assess the wear rates of our linings
  • Customise our products to suit your needs
  • Develop new or improved designs
Multotec is a leading global supplier of industrial ceramics and other wear resistant materials.

John Britton

Your Wear Solutions specialist

John Britton, Project Sales Manager Multotec Wear Linings, has been working at Multotec since 1987. Britton has 32 years in the wear linings industry and specialises in chute design. He knows that correct design means minimised downtime and maximum throughputs for plants. He contributes to Multotec by providing high-standard sales and service to the mining industry, identifying areas that will benefit from Multotec’s range of services, products and expertise.

Multotec has supplied wear liners to the international power generation, mining, minerals processing, chemical, pulp and paper and other industries since 1990.
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