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Mining Screens

Multotec mining screens are used in sorting, classifying, dewatering, scalping, and desliming applications, with one of the world’s largest ranges of rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, steel and combination (Polywedge and Polypunch) screen media. 

We offer completely optimised composite screen decks, with customised and leading screen technology solutions, for all your processing requirements.

Applying our 50 years of refined experience with robust, heavy duty and resilient screening solutions, we have boosted mineral screening processes around the world. 


  • Achieve your exact size and output specifications at the lowest cost per ton
  • Ideal for coarse, heavy-duty or ultra-fine mineral applications 
  • Our panel offerings include solid feed-end panels, slope change panels, slotted aperture panels for high velocity zones, and square aperture panels for low velocity zones 
  • Modular panel designs (1’ x 1’ or 2’ x 1’) optimise wear-related maintenance to cut operating costs on screen decks by up to 30%
  • Single or double deck configurations as your application requires
  • Minimise pegging and blinding with optimised designs
  • Manage and analyse data from your deck maps and plan for maintenance with Hawkeye™ 

Depend on our mining solutions and technology in your mining and minerals processing application to deliver extended equipment wear life, decreased downtime and, ultimately, lower your overall cost per ton processed. 

Multotec is used by some of the world’s leading mining houses: Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton, Randgold Resources, RIO Tinto, First Quantum Minerals Ltd.Contact us

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Browse our Mining Screening Media Range:

Screen Panels

Screen panels, modular-compression, injection-moulded. Rubber, Polyurethane, Wedge wire, Ceramic, Steel and Composite.

Modular rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, ceramic, steel and composite screens.

Trommel Screens

Trommel screens for abrasion resistance on mill, scrubber and self-driven. Used in heavy duty, aggregate mining.

Engineered screens that deliver maximum impact and abrasion resistance for mill, scrubber and self-driven trommels.

Sieve Bends

Sieve bends of polyurethane and wedge wire, housing. Classification and separation. Aggregate screens.

High-end polyurethane and wedge wire sieve bends and housings for classification and separation applications.

Static Screens

Customised static screens for dewatering and de-sliming trash removal.

Customised static screen decks are used across the world in media recovery, dewatering and de-sliming trash removal.

Centrifuge Baskets

Centrifuge baskets for solid – liquid separation from industrial centrifuge.

Helping you achieve optimum solid / liquid separation efficiency from your industrial centrifuge.

CIP / CIL Interstage Screening

CIP/ CIL Interstage Screening of customised wedge wire cylinder screens.

Complete range of wedge wire cylinder screens for CIP and CIL tanks, customised for your specific application.

Screen Frames & Rail Systems

Screen Frames and Rail Systems for static and vibrating screens. Mineral processing plants.

Box, bolt-down, dewatering and side tension frames and rails for static and vibrating screens in mineral processing plants.

Screening Media Accessories

Multotec delivers all your screening machine accessories such as flood and spray nozzles, ore washing and more.

Polyurethane flood and spray nozzles for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal and more.

Optimise your mineral screening today, with Multotec. Get in touch with our technical team today!

Customised deck maps optimising your mine’s screening process

Multotec’s customised screen deck maps are designed and tailored to suit your screening requirements.

Utilising our purpose-specific screen panels, we can optimise each area of your screen deck to suit your application conditions, material and output targets.

We’ve delivered composite screen decks, customised with over a dozen different types of panels, with each type fulfilling a specific function. 

Apertures are selected with reference to the screen’s purpose, feed tonnage required, average particle size and shape, to ensure maximum mineral screening efficiency at the lowest overall cost. 


Multotec commits to constant research and development to lower the overall cost per ton in your mineral processing systems.

The Multotec Commitment to your mine

We are committed to research and development in high performance mining and minerals screen media, while consistently lowering the overall cost per ton processed for our clients.

Our commitment ensures our clients in the mining and minerals industry optimised, turnkey solutions, through adaptive screening machines and technologies.

This commitment improves your mineral processes through screening machines that are modular, cost-effective and designed to lower your maintenance and downtime, while executing an even feed distribution and high sorting capacities.

Our screening equipment innovation reduces your downtime:

Multotec’s 50 years of experience and knowledge of the global mining industry has led to the creation of easy-to-install and change-out screening equipment. 

Our commitment to lowering your downtime has led to the creation of the interlocking system. With this innovative modular design, you only need to replace individual screen panels as they wear, not the entire mining screen.

This invention has shown incredible savings on our client’s downtime and maintenance costs.

Multotec works to lower the overall costs of your mining operations.


Condition Monitoring innovations manage wear, reduce risk:

Hawkeye™ Condition Monitoring Systems

The Multotec monitoring software Hawkeye™ provides complete real time as well as historical recordings of your screens’ condition. By accurately indicating screen media wear, Hawkeye™ helps optimise wear parts’ maintenance, reducing downtime and ensuring your screen media reliably delivers the necessary plant cut size. 

Hawkeye™ also provides a powerful planning system for on-going application improvement; through plant systematically management and analysis of screen wear parts, recording wear data from the screening deck. Screen requirements in every deck part are constantly refined, through tracking the performance of the various panel types on each deck in operation over time. 

Read more about Hawkeye™ here.

Visual wear indicators

Multotec screen panels are manufactured with our visual wear indicators, comprising of four or five moulded cavities in the body of the panel, spaced at predetermined intervals below the upper wear surface. 

As the panel surface is worn away, the individual cavities become visible, with the final cavity indicating the need for a replacement shortly.

Our patented, simple but innovative system, not only indicates when replacement needs to take place, but is also a useful data source to measure the rate of wear so that future maintenance can be planned and predicted.

This holistic system of visual wear and the Hawkeye™️ data collection and analysis, supplies intelligence about your specific process, factoring in the wear of your screens and offering advice for consistent screen optimisation. For example, Hawkeye™️ can be used to identify areas of harder wear on your screen, leading the way for greater screen deck optimisation.

Multotec Screens reduce pegging and blinding:

Blinding occurs when any particles such as: dirt, minerals and other substances, stick to and bridge across your screening surface apertures. This creates a stubborn paste that blocks screening material from movement through.  

Pegging is the occurrence of irregular material blocked in the screen apertures, which happens when stones are around a similar size as your screening holes. 

Multotec screens reduce both pegging and blinding by design with functional, self-relieving apertures, consistently maintaining your optimum screening efficiency. 

Watch how Multotec screens prevent pegging and blinding for increasing screening efficiency and decreased downtime.

Our Mining Screens come standard with application knowledge, industry understanding, refined engineering and field service maintenance.
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