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Copper Screening

Multotec, as masters in understanding industry flow sheets in the mineral processing industry, provide tailor-engineered copper screening equipment and screens for your unique copper screening requirements.

Multotec’s highly experienced team of copper screening sales engineers, technical specialists and production experts will assess your specific copper screening requirements. With this information, and our specialised product knowledge from years of intensive research and development, we will engineer an optimised copper screening panel and create a customised solution.

We undertake the entire process, from conceptualisation and drawing-room designwith the latest CAD equipment, through to installation and commissioning, ensuring you get the most efficient copper screening media solution on the market.

Using the world’s largest press machines, automated castings and cylindrical welding machines, our copper screening panels and copper screening media solutions are manufactured from rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, steel and composite materials. Our range of copper screening equipment, comprising Polyurethane Screens | Trommel Screens | Rubber Screens, is manufactured using state-of-the-art injection moulding and rubber compression moulding machines.

Multotec has supplied the international minerals processing market with Screening Solutions for over 50 years.Learn more

Our Copper Screening Solutions: 

Rubber Screens

Rubber screens for copper screening from Multotec are designed to absorb impact, reduce pegging and blinding and improve wear life in coarse and heavy duty mineral processing applications. To ensure these objectives are achieved with its Rubber Trommel Panels, like all of Multotec’s solutions, a team of copper screening quality-control specialists monitor the manufacturing process.

Ideal for copper screening, our rubber trommel panels have a wide range of apertures available and a heavy duty internal frame to absorb impact and provide support. They are suitable for both high moisture and dry applications, are uniquely moulded for specific copper screening applications and are available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories.

Trommel Screens

Our copper screening trommel screens, designed using the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) techniques to reduce fatigue stresses, are installed at the end of grinding mills and scrubbers for vibration-free processing. They deliver an effective material separation in copper screening, as volumes are fed down the inclined rotating drum across application-determined screen media.

Multotec has developed a range of trommel screens for the copper screening industry, which includes Trommel Screens with Modular Panels | Mill & Scrubber Trommels | Large Trommel Screens with Cast Polyurethane Panels | Modular Polyurethane or Rubber Screen Panels | Self Driven Trommels | Double Trommels.

Polyurethane Screens

Multotec’s range of polyurethane screens for copper screening are light, cost-effective and designed to achieve a longer working life than most standard copper screening panels. Our copper screening polyurethane screens are engineered with self-relieving apertures. This effectively eliminates pegging and blinding so there is unrestricted downward movement of any sized particle.

For the copper screening industry, Multotec has a number of copper screen solutions designed to suit your particular screening requirements, including TeePee™ Screen Panels | Multodeck Modular Screening Systems | Vibroplast Screen Panels | Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels.

Multotec will customise your Copper Screening Solution according to your exact system and application specifications!
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