Screening Media

Screening Media

From wedge wire sieve bends and centrifuge baskets to completely optimised composite screen decks, Multotec is a leading screening media technology solutions provider for the global minerals processing industry.

We supply products covering the full range of screening applications, including sizing, dewatering, scalping and desliming. Refined over 50 years’ experience in mineral screening applications, Multotec manufactures one of the world’s largest ranges of rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, steel and composite screening media.

  • Achieve your exact size and output specifications at the lowest cost per ton
  • Ideal for coarse, heavy-duty or ultra-fine mineral applications 
  • Our panel offerings include solid feed-end panels, slope change panels, slotted aperture panels for high velocity zones, and square aperture panels for low velocity zones 
  • Modular panel designs (1’ x 1’ or 2’ x 1’) optimise wear-related maintenance to cut operating costs on screen decks by up to 30%
  • Single or double deck configurations as your application requires
  • Systematically manage and analyse the data from your deck maps and accurately plan for maintenance with Hawkeye™ condition monitoring software

Your local Multotec branch provides turnkey screening media solutions, with short lead times on screening media products, and engineering and field services to ensure your screening plant is optimised for your processing conditions, material and the output targets.

Supplying the international minerals processing market with screening solutions for over 50 years.Find out more

View our Screening Media range:

Screen Panels

Screen panels are used in ore beneficiation across the world.

Complete range of modular compression- and injection-moulded rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire, ceramic, steel and composite screens.

Trommel Screens

Multotec manufacturers a total range of trommel screeners.

We engineer screens that deliver ultimate impact and abrasion resistance for mill, scrubber and self-driven trommels.

Sieve Bends

A high-quality range of polyurethane and wedge wire sieve bends and housings for classification and separation applications.

Static Screens

We customise static screens to your process requirements.

Our customised static screen decks are used across the world in media recovery, dewatering and de-sliming trash removal.

Centrifuge Baskets

Our centrifuge baskets provide increased solid-liquid separation from your industrial centrifuge.

Multotec’s centrifuge baskets help you achieve optimum solid / liquid separation efficiency from your industrial centrifuge.

CIP / CIL Interstage Screening

Range of interstage screen for carbon leaching in gold processing.

Complete range of wedge wire cylinder screens for CIP and CIL tanks, custom-made for your specific applications.

Screen Frames & Rail Systems

High-quality screen frames for our range of screening media.

Box, bolt-down, dewatering and side tension frames and rails for static and vibrating screens in mineral processing plants.

Screening Media Accessories

Flood nozzles and spray nozzles from Multotec improve your screening efficiency.

Polyurethane flood and spray nozzles for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal and more.

Interstage Screening
Polywedge Screen Panels
Optima Wedge Wire CIP/CIL Screens
Polypunch Screen Panels
Polywedge Screen Panels
Rubber Screens
Rubber Screen Panels
TeePee Screen Panels
TeePee Screen Panels
TeePee Dewatering Panels
Wedge Wire Screens
Wedge Wire Screens
The Saddle Top
Sieve Bends and Static Screens
Fixed Static Screen Housing
Large Trommel Screens With Cast Polyurethane Panels
Large Trommel Screens With Cast Polyurethane Panels
Double Trommel
Double Trommel
Multospray Nozzles
Modular Screen Panels
Centrifuge Basket
Screen Panels
Screen Panels
Screen Panels
Polyurethane Sievebend
Self Driven Trommel
A dewatering centrifuge for sale that allows for dewatering and thickening, and can be used as a sludge thickener.
Used in mineral processing dewatering systems without any additional centrifuge price
Density gradient centrifugation separates different particles based on their different densities.

Meeting your requirements with unmatched speed to market

Multotec screening media has been developed in response to the world’s toughest mineral screening applications. We offer this global technology to the world’s mining and mineral processing houses through an established worldwide footprint that includes a complete network of branches and distributors in almost 100 countries on 6 continents.

Multotec supports your screening plant with large stockholdings of screen panels and screening media products to ensure we can respond rapidly to your unique requirements.

Your local Multotec experts offer complete turnkey solutions for screening media installations, including design and engineering, installation and commissioning, and wear monitoring and field service support. Our teams will ensure the optimum screening media solution is supplied according to your specific plant and process parameters and requirements, such as feed tonnage required, the average particle size and the particle shape. 

This is how we lower the overall costs of your screening operation.

Customised deck maps to optimise your screening process

Custom Screen DeckMultotec can design and build completely customised screening decks. Drawing on one of the world’s largest ranges of purpose-specific screen panels – from materials including rubber, polyurethane, steel, woven-wire, ceramics, Hardox, fibreglass and combinations of these materials – we can optimise each area of your screen deck to suit the conditions, your material and output targets.

A popular composite deck configuration is to place a set of panels with highly impact-resistant material at the feed end of the screen, where the impact of material from the feed box or chute is highest.

We’ve supplied composite screen decks with over a dozen different types of panels, with each panel fulfilling a specific function. The apertures will be chosen according to the screen’s purpose and factors like the feed tonnage required, the average particle size and the particle shape. That way, we can ensure maximum mineral screening efficiency at the lowest overall cost.

Make Multotec’s expertise work for you.

Condition Monitoring innovations help manage wear and risk:

Hawkeye™ Condition Monitoring Systems

Our monitoring software Hawkeye™ provides complete real time and historical intelligence of the condition of your screening media. Through accurately indicating screen media wear, Hawkeye™ helps optimise wear-related maintenance and reduces downtime, while ensuring your screening media reliably delivers the cut size your plant required. 

By enabling plant operations and technical teams to systematically manage and analyse wear data from the screening deck, Hawkeye™ also provides a powerful planning system for on-going application improvement. By tracking the performance over time of the various panel types on each deck in operation, the screening requirements in each part of the deck can be constantly refined.

Read more about Hawkeye™ here.

Visual wear indicators

Multotec screen panels are manufactured standard with visual wear indicators. These wear indicators comprise four or five moulded cavities in the body of the panel, spaced at predetermined intervals below the upper wear surface. As the panel surface is worn away, so the individual cavities become visible, the final cavity of which indicates that a replacement must be conducted or planned shortly.

This simple but innovative system, patented by Multotec, not only indicates when replacement needs to take place, but can be used as a data source to measure the rate of wear so that a future replacement time can be predicted and planned.

Partner with Multotec today to optimise your mineral screening.

Multotec screens reduce pegging and blinding

Blinding occurs when dirt, minerals and other substances adhere and bridge across the apertures of your screening surface, creating a stubborn paste that blocks material from screening through. Pegging describes the presence of irregular material lodged in the screen apertures, and occurs when stones are about the same size as the holes.

Designed with functional, self-relieving apertures Multotec screens help reduce pegging and blinding to consistently maintain maximum screening efficiency. 

Discover how Multotec screens prevent pegging and blinding for greater screening efficiency.

Multotec Screening - Rapid Prototyping

Multotec Screening - Flame Resistant Panel

Research & Development

Multotec, in partnership with universities across the globe, is constantly developing and testing new innovations and technologies to respond the challenges our customers face in processing minerals more efficiently, and at a lower cost. Our screening equipment of today reflects over 50 years of innovation and optimisation in the world’s largest mining and mineral processing operations.

Francois Fouché

Your Screening Media specialist

Originally from Pretoria, Fouché started his career as an Extractive Metallurgist at Anglo American in 1988. In 1996, he joined the Multotec Screening Division and spent his early days working in the Southern African market.

In 2017, he began promoting Multotec’s screening media in international markets. Having worked for one of South Africa’s leading vibrating equipment suppliers, Fouché brings even more experience in the screening department.

Used across the world’s mineral processing, industrial processing, chemicals, food and beverage and aggregates industries.
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