Solid/Liquid Separation

Solid/Liquid Separation solutions from Multotec enable optimal dewatering and metals/product recovery in the international chemicals and mineral processing markets.

Our tailored Solid/Liquid Separation technologies and processes facilitate optimum mineral reclamation and solids/product dewatering to low moistures with low cycle times.

As a world-leading dewatering solutions manufacturer and global Solid/Liquid Separation specialist, Multotec’s extensive range of industrial filter presses, centrifuges and water treatment processes:

  • increase the separation rate and overall process efficiency
  • increase energy-efficiency and minimise waste
  • reduce capital and operating costs
  • increase environmental compliance, and
  • prolong equipment life and improve safety

Through our global network of branches across almost 70 countries, Multotec supplied turnkey Solid/Liquid Separation solutions with unmatched speed to market and end-to-end aftersales service.

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Our Solid/Liquid Separation solutions:

Filter Press

Solid-liquid separation equipment for process water treatment.

Filter press include Seprotech and Micronics brands. The range includes mini filter press and press accessories.

Industrial Centrifuges

The sludge centrifuge or sludge dewatering centrifuge is part of this range.

Industrial Centrifuges from Siebtechnik Tema are tailored for solid liquid separation in the mineral processing industry.

Clean-iX® for Metals Recovery

Metal recovery is achieved through solid liquid separation and mine water treatment.

Clean-iX for metals recovery combines efficient forms of extraction with the best resin, providing an optimum solution for metals recovery.

CIF® for Process Water Treatment

CIF® for Process Water Treatment

Maximise valuable metal recovery and increase natural resources by recycling wastewater with CIF® for Process Water Treatment from Multo...

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Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Industrial Decanter Centrifuge
Municipal Process Water Treatment
Ishigaki Rapid Polishing Filter
SLS Filter
Ishigaki Filter Press
Continuous Ionic Filtration_CIF
How CIF Process Water Treatment Works
Solid/Liquid Separation
Industrial Centrifuges
Clean IX® Process
Continous Ion Exchange
Clean-iX® for Gold
Clean-iX® for Uranium
Clean-iX® for Rare Earths
Clean-iX® for Base Metals
Multotec employs industrial water treatment specialists who are knowledgeable in metals recovery for base metals, metals recovery for uranium and metals recovery for rare earths.
Short Bowl Decanter Centrifuge
SHS Pusher Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge
HSG Vibrating Centrifuge

Why use Multotec?

With more than 50 years’ experience in the mineral processing industry, Multotec manufactures world-leading dewatering solutions with high quality materials of construction that help produce a low product moisture content. Its team of skilled engineers includes experts in process flow sheets who have the expertise to supply Solid/Liquid Separation solutions tailored to lower your overall cost per ton.

  • Turnkey Solid/Liquid Separation solutions include the design, manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment and processes
  • Equipment comprises fully-automated filling, dewatering, material discharge and self-cleaning functions

Solid/Liquid Separation products and services

As a market-leading Solid/Liquid Separation specialist and mineral processing equipment company, Multotec’s solutions are supplied by Multotec Process Equipment. Multotec offers customers a complete solution for all Solid/Liquid Separation applications and requirements.

This range of Solid/Liquid Separation products includes Siebtechnik Tema centrifuges, Micronics filters and filter cloths, all supported by local experienced and competent engineers with extensive application specific knowledge. A valuable addition to the Multotec range is the locally-developed and manufactured rapid filter press.

Use numerical methods to explain problems including fluid flow and solve the simplified Navier-Stokes equations iteratively on discrete elements using the boundary conditions.

Multotec Process Equipment are specialists in solid/liquid separation solutions. They import, manufacture and supply a number of market leading products for the chemicals and minerals processing industries.

Process water treatment (Continuous Ionic Filtration)

Multotec has a partnership with Clean TeQ, an Australian company, through which it has introduced continuous counter-current ion exchange technology into the African market for Solid/Lliquid Separation, process water treatment and metals recovery. Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®) can achieve water recoveries of up to 95% and higher in various applications such as mining, industrial process and municipal water treatment.

CIF® Features

  • Modular and mobile
  • Self-cleaning
  • High solids handling capabilities
  • Flexible with changing feed conditions
  • Achieve zero liquid discharge
  • Potential to recover valuable by-products
  • Robust, with the ability to operate in high scaling and fouling conditions
  • Optimised resin inventory

CIF® Benefits

  • High water recovery
  • Reduced brine production
  • Reduced chemical consumption
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Smaller plant footprint
  • Lower capital and operating costs

Metals recovery (Clean-iX®)

Clean-iX® for Solid/Liquid Separation is built on the foundations of continuous ion exchange technology. The Clean-iX for metals recovery process uses the principles of continuous counter-current ion exchange, providing you with highly-efficient and cost-effective extraction, concentration and Solid/Liquid Separation processes. Clean-iX® is tailored for recovering gold, uranium, rare earths, base metals, and more.

Multotec’s Solid/Liquid Separation solutions are used around the world!

Filter press machines

Multotec’s filter press machines are able to increase equipment efficiency by up to 30%, using linked plate electrically driven open/close mechanisms with automated cake discharge compared to conventional hydraulic presses. Designed for chemical and mineral processing, as well as solutions for coal or water treatment plants these press machines:

  • All filter press machines are manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards
  • Comprehensive filter press machine spec design and after-sales field service
  • Filter press machines come standard with environmental compliance
  • Self-washing press filter reduce downtime, maintenance and manual intervention

Vacuum membrane press

Part of Multotec’s Micronics press filter range, vacuum membrane press from Multotec incorporate the VP vacuum pulse drying filter press. This unique press produces filter cakes with higher solids content than a typical vacuum membrane press filter. It achieves the correct levels of moisture faster and is very effective for drying filter cake economically. These presses for Solid/Liquid Separation provide optimum cake discharge and dewatered cake. They:

  • are custom-designed for difficult applications
  • are used where low cake moistures are required
  • enable sustained operating ability with low operating costs
  • provide efficient and economical dewatering with trouble-free operation
  • Are available as manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines
  • fully-integrated system designs and installation

Sludge filter press

Multotec’s sludge filter press systems are an efficient sludge separator that reduces waste while effectively reclaiming discharged minerals. This dewatering equipment effectively and efficiently isolate solids and liquids in fully-automated, energy efficient press-separation cycles.

Manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards, this sludge dewatering equipment have robust designs and enable equipment longevity. They:

  • provide fast, automated sludge separation
  • require lower capital and have low operating costs
  • increase environmental compliance
  • have a self-washing press filter that reduces downtime, maintenance and manual intervention

Filter press accessories

A range of filter press accessories to extend the versatility of your filter press system is available from Multotec. The range ensures you achieve higher levels of performance in a wider range of mineral processing applications

Filter cloths

A range of lightweight to heavy-duty filter cloths that optimise your filter press operations in the cloth washing system form part of Multotec’s range of filter press parts and accessories.

Either woven or felted according to your requirements, they are available in a full range of synthetic and natural fibres. Multotec’s Solid/Liquid Separation experts aid with filter cloth selection.

Filter cloths for Solid/Liquid Separation from Multotec are:

  • strong, durable high performing cloths
  • custom-designed for your exact application
  • available in satin, twill, plain, special and duplex weave patterns
  • lightweight to heavy woven fabrics

Filter plates

  • Standard stock plates and special custom designs
  • Full range of filter plates including recessed plates, membrane plates, vacuum membrane, and plate frame
  • Filter plates available in polypropylene, kynar, stainless steel or aluminium materials

Filter press is often used for frac sand.

Slurry is pumped at a slurry feed rate for optimal performance.

Dewatering machinery incudes the coal centrifuge.

Optimised separation industrial centrifugal decanters

Multotec’s industrial centrifugal decanters enable fast and accurate centrifugation in mineral processing. They operate on the counter-flow principle. Suspension is introduced to the centre of the bowl for separation. Sediment is then conveyed via the scroll, which continuously rotates at an altered speed to that of the bowl, resulting in clarified liquid flowing from the bowl’s large diameter opening.

The range includes the TS Industrial Decanter Centrifuge, DZ Industrial Decanter Centrifuge and DZS Screen Decanter Centrifuge. All of these centrifuges:

  • reduce thermal drying and other processing costs
  • increase separation efficiency for particles of all sizes
  • have a compact design that facilitates use in small operating areas
  • reduce waste with optimised separation
Multotec supports your requirements for customised Solid/Liquid Separation equipment.
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