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Mineral Extraction


The basics:

  1. What is the process of extraction of minerals?

    In the extraction of minerals, the main aim for large scale mining companies is to excavate large quantities of waste rock from ore deposits, and to refine and purify targeted minerals through mineral processing.

    At mineral extraction sites, such as strip mines, quarries and underground mines, mineralisation (and associated waste rock) from the Earth’s crust is recuperated for profit.

    Extraction sites rich in mineral resources (rich mineral/ore deposits) are profitable for mining and processing projects as resource extraction can be faster.

  2. How many types of extraction of minerals are there?

    There are many mining and processing methods employed to extract minerals from ore, yet, when focusing on the mining aspect, there are 4 main types of mining (as indicated below).

  3. What are 4 types of mining?
    • Underground mining (underground mines)
    • Surface (open pit/strip) mining (surface mines)
    • Placer mining
    • In-situ leaching (or solution mining)
  4. What are the two major types of mining?

    Mining methods can be divided into two general excavation types: open pit mining (surface mining methods) and underground mining (sub-surface).

    Mining types are also dependent on the valuable mineral resources being mined. For example, coal mining differs from the method used for valuable metals found in metal ores (e.g., iron ore).

    Additionally, mining types are dependent on the mineral deposit itself, and whether it consists of soft or hard rock.


Reduce your overall operation costs with Multotec.

Mineral Extraction

Maximise your mineral extraction efficiency with classification and separation equipment and solutions from Multotec.

We manufacture a complete range of mineral extraction equipment, for magnetic separation, flotation and gravity concentration, ion exchange or cyclonic action processing.

We partner with our clients to ensure continuous process optimisation of their mineral extraction plant, using application-specific mineral extraction solutions that:

  • Maximise your plant uptime
  • Increase your process efficiency
  • Increase product quality standards (consistency & reliability)
  • Enhance product speed to market

With over 50 years in the global mineral processing industry, we are constantly improving and refining our solutions based on continuous research and development.

Our equipment and solutions are supported by an extensive component inventory, as well as leading global services and support, offering your operation a specific, customised solution.

The minerals for which Multotec equipment and solutions are used include:

Iron Ore
Mineral Sand


View Our Mineral Extraction Products

Screening Media

From sieve bends and centrifuge baskets to completely optimised composite screen decks, Multotec is a leading global screening media solutions provider.

Leading screening media technology solutions, from panels & sieve bends to fully optimised composite screen decks.

Spiral Concentrators

Our gravity separation equipment includes coal spirals and 2 mineral spiral ranges.

Increase separation efficiency with separators used across the world in extraction of gold, iron ore, coal, platinum & more.

Magnetic Separation

Multotec is a leading magnetic separator manufacturer. From the high intensity magnetic separator range to our overbelt magnets, we’ve got the solution you need.

Improve mineral extraction by optimising your magnetic separation of ferromagnetic & paramagnetic particles/tramp metal.


Our classification cyclone separator range is used across the world in density separation applications.

Find your ideal match in a complete range of off-the-shelf & customised cyclones, from classification & dense medium to distributors.

Wear Solutions

Wear Solutions

All the rubber, composite & ceramic wear liners you need for chutes, hoppers, pipelines & transfer points in your plant.

Flotation Wear Components

Our beneficiation equipment includes a complete range of wear lining components for flotation cell plants.

Complete range of wet & dry end wear components for any flotation machine, cell type & size, at your local Multotec branch.

Mill and Scrubber Linings

Maximise wear protection & increase plant efficiency with rubber & steel liners for any ball mill, SAG mill, AG mill or scrubber.

Solid/Liquid Separation

Solid-liquid separation equipment for process water treatment.

Enhance dewatering and ion exchange applications with our centrifuges, filter press, polishing filters & ion exchange technologies.

Conveyor System Solutions

MATO Conveyor Solutions

Increase conveyor uptime with all the parts you need, incl. pulley lagging, rubber loading points, fasteners & cleaners.

Slurry Pumps

Our slurry pump and centrifugal pump range includes dirty water pump, dewatering pump, sump pump solutions, and more.

Ensure robust, reliable plant performance and lower your energy consumption with our tough industrial & slurry pumps.


Why Partner with Multotec

We partner with our customers to drive continuous plant optimisation, delivering application-specific mineral processing solutions. For over 50 years, we’ve been driven by this goal, reliably helping our customers get more from their ore.

Multotec employs industry leaders in metallurgy and process engineering to ensure mining houses across the world extract minerals more efficiently and effectively.

Additionally, with our global presence across Africa, Asia, Australia, North & South America and Europe, Multotec brings global application knowledge and experience to your local challenges.

Using a holistic approach, we partner with you to achieve your processing goals, while reducing overall costs and downtime, increasing your operation’s profits.

This is why the world’s leading mining houses partner with Multotec, to continuously enhance process flows.

Multotec’s mineral processing equipment helps you get more from your mineral deposits.

R&D to enhance mineral extraction

Our R&D programme is essential to the consistent refinement of existing technologies, as well as the innovation of new products, maintaining our exceptional mineral processing methodologies.

R&D at Multotec focuses on:

  • Enhancing product speed to market
  • Increasing consistency & reliability of product
  • Helping OEM’s assume the role of solution providers
  • Recycling customer’s products (post-working life)

A core area of our R&D is the optimisation of manufacturing materials, where rapid material production and manufacture is key. For example, we develop both heavy-duty and light-duty rubber screen panels in all shapes and forms, using a variety of compounds.

Test Work Capabilities

Multotec offers cutting-edge operations with full plant and process audits and optimisation, equipment retrofitting and extensive R&D resources.

We invest in our test work capabilities, allowing for intensive R&D to develop new or expand our existing industry products.

Our capabilities include test and development work on:

  • Spiral concentrators
  • Classification cyclones
  • Magnetic separators
  • Samplers
  • Laboratory-scale filtration
  • Centrifuge equipment

Additionally, we offer our own 3D printing facility to produce equipment prototypes for customers quickly and effectively, bringing design work to life.

Services & Support

Multotec supports your requirements for customised mineral extraction plants.
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