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Cross Stream Samplers

Cross stream samplers from Multotec ensure you get accurate and repeatable samples of your wet or dry mineral streams.

  • Uniform cutter speed (preferably 0.45 m/sec)
  • Cutter type and orientation customised to dry ore and slurry stream
  • Designed with computer-generated simulations and 3D Inventor modelling
  • Retrofit or greenfield project supply possible
  • ISO, DIN, ASTM and AS certified

Our cross stream samplers are designed inhouse according to recommendations by leading sampling consultants. Multotec has been manufacturing and supplying cross stream samplers under license to Siebtechnik GmbH since 1987. 

We have cross stream samplers for both dry mineral streams as well as wet slurries. Cutting blades are designed and set to allow for optimised sample extraction from the stream.

Our process engineers and metallurgists understand the mineral beneficiation process better than most, and will work with you to ensure that optimum cross stream sampler equipment is seamlessly integrated into your plant.

We will also install our mineral processing equipment into existing applications and make recommendations for overall plant optimisation.

Find out more about our Cross Stream Samplers.Contact Multotec

Dry Cross Stream Samplers

These cross cut samplers optimise the integrity of dry streams sample collections. They are suited for all dry bulk materials handling and falling stream applications.

  • Discharge chute of conveyors: 400 mm – 2 400 mm wide
  • Discharge chutes of screens and bunkers: 400 – 12 000 mm wide
  • Cutter gap 3x nominal top size of material (or more where suitable)
  • Cutter at 90°, +- 15°, to stream trajectory 

Wet Cross Stream Samplers

Our wet cross cut samplers are used in gravity flow mineral slurry streams of 5 000 m3/hour or more. We have light- and heavy-duty mineral samplers available.

  • Suitable for launders from 400 – 3 500 mm wide (or more)
  • Cutter gap 10 mm minimum (20 mm recommended)
  • Cutter has 50% spare capacity and travels at constant speed
We’ve supplied over 700 samplers to Africa’s mineral processing plants over the last 20 years.

Research and Development

Multotec has extensive R&D programmes that play a fundamental role in the development and refining of mineral processing technologies. Our R&D aims to optimise our customer’s flow processes by increasing their product speed to market, and the efficiency with which this can be achieved.

The range of equipment innovations that make Multotec a leading mineral processing equipment provider all began as R&D solutions to real field challenges faced by our clients.

When you purchase equipment from Multotec, you partner with a technology supplier that will constantly work with you to lower your cost per ton!

International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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