Business Expansion

Multotec, renowned across the mineral processing and power generation industries for its application solutions has expanded its business offering to include pumps, process water treatment and metals recovery equipment and technologies.

Long recognised as the solutions provider of choice for screening and flotation wear parts, process equipment, sampling, solid / liquid separation, wear lining and conveyor belt systems, Multotec now offers additional product solutions designed to increase overall productivity across many industries.


Multotec has developed a range of industrial slurry pumps for the mineral processing, power generation, oil shale, water and sewage, construction, sand and gravel, tobacco and agriculture industries. we supply a complete range of pumps for medium and heavy duty slurry applications, including cyclone feed, spirals feed, mill discharge, tailings disposal, filter feed, effluent discharge and spillage.

Available with short lead times, our pumps are designed to efficiently transfer abrasive and corrosive slurries in wide range of industries, from mining and mineral processing to pulp and paper and wastewater treatment. Multotec ensures operators attain maximum uptime and reduce unnecessary overhead expenditure.

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Process Water Treatment

Multotec uses Continuous Ionic Filtration (CIF®), developed by Australian-based CleanTeQ, to cater to the process water treatment industry. CIF® helps filter, separate and purify water with lower costs and reduced maintenance. Built on the foundations of continuous counter-current ion exchange, it is similar to continuous sand filtration where ion exchange resins are used instead of sand.

The process continually removes both solids and dissolved salts from water. CIF® is suitable for the treatment of a wide range of waters, reducing scaling and fouling risks – ultimately improving production!

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Metals Recovery

Multotec’s metals recovery solutions, for industrial applications, is suitable for metals recovery when working with base metals, gold, uranium, rare earth elements, scandium and other metals. It uses Australian-based CleanTeQ’s Clean-iX® technology, which targets the recovery and extraction of metals from pulps and solutions using ion exchange resins. Clean-iX® is built on the foundations of continuous counter-current ion exchange, which leads to higher resource recoveries at lower costs.

Multotec’s wide range of technologies is acquired through continuous product research and development. We make use of refined manufacturing, engineering and design technology and equipment to build high-quality products to reduce your overheads, minimise production costs and increase uptime.

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