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Polyurethane Screens

Multotec manufactures a range of polyurethane screens that are lighter, more cost-effective and achieve a longer working life than standard screen panels – even in harsh operating conditions.

Multotec’s polyurethane screens are expertly manufactured with self-relieving apertures resulting in the unrestricted downward movement of any sized particle – eliminating pegging and blinding.

Multotec's expertise in high-tensile polyurethane screens has resulted in extensive range of products designed to suit your particular screening requirements.

Benefits of our Polyurethane Screen Panels:

  • Manufactured from strong, high-tensile polyurethane compounds
  • Longer life due to higher wear resistance than standard screen panels
  • Equipped with self-relieving apertures that reduce pegging and blinding
  • Available in a wide range of polyurethane screen panels to suit any application
  • Polyurethane screens manufactured to order
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Available with various screen fastening systems and accessories

View our Polyurethane Screen Panels:

TeePee™ Screen Panels

TeePee Screen Panels

TeePee™ panels have a raised pyramid surface, which doubles the screening area of flat panels in dewatering and rinsing applications.

Multodeck Modular Screening Systems

Multodeck Modular Screening Systems

Multodeck Modular Screening Systems reduce downtime and overall costs per ton by only replacing worn panels.

Vibroplast Screen Panels

Vibroblast Screen Panels

This patented screen design uses inter-connecting apertures and alternative solid dams for non-pegging and non-blinding screening.

Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels


Hand cast polyurethane screen panels enable unrestricted downward movement of sized particles and long-lasting performance.

Multotec will customise your Polyurethane Screens to your specifications!

Our polyurethane screens are manufactured with an internal steel frame to your specified size and can be supplied flat or rolled – giving you ergonomic polyurethane screens that won’t buckle in heavy duty applications!

Polyurethane screens can be manufactured using our existing aperture tooling or with injection moulded aperture elements for fine apertures (1 mm slot or 5 mm square). The fixing method for your polyurethane screens are determined by your application requirements and can be either bolt-on, hold down pin, clamp down or clip-on.

The entire product lifecycle of your polyurethane screens, from design and installation to monitoring of equipment is managed by Multotec in-house to deliver optimum, streamlined performance.

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Screen Panels
Screen Panels
Screen Panels
Polyurethane Sievebend
Polyurethane Sievebend
Multotec has been supplying screening media solutions for over 50 years!
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