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Hand Cast Polyurethane Screen Panels

Multotec’s hand cast range of polyurethane heavy-duty modular screen panels include large bolt-down panels designed with self-relieving apertures. The result is unrestricted downward movement of sized particles and long-lasting performance.

Multotec manufactures 3 types of hand cast modular or bolt-down polyurethane panels with fully embedded or semi-embedded frames to suit your application requirements:

Spaltoflex: Injection moulded modules 120 x 120 mm with slotted apertures cast into larger panels. Slotted apertures are available with width sizes ranging from 0.16 mm to 20 mm.

Forsiplast: Injection moulded modules 120 x 120 mm with square apertures cast into larger panels. Square apertures are also available from 0.5 mm2 to 25 mm2.

Losiplast: Loose cores are used to hand cast panels with either square, slotted round or teardrop shaped apertures. Suitable for heavy-duty applications. 

Benefits of Polyurethane Cast Screen Panels:

  • Long life due to high wear resistance
  • Precise sizing maintained for long periods
  • Self-relieving apertures reducing pegging and blinding
  • Wide range of apertures available to suit most applications
  • Panel sizes to suit any frame or vibrating screen
  • Quick simple installation and removal reducing downtime
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories

PU Cast Screening accessories:

Multotec manufactures a wide range of polyurethane screening accessories including side clamps, hold down bars, buccer strips and bolt protectors. In addition, panels can be supplied with cast-on or bolt-on dividers, weirbars, skidbars or retarder bars.

Repair kits for hand cast polyurethane panels: Multotec has manufactured mobile repair kits for its Forsiplast and Spaltoflex panels in order to reduce costly downtime. These kits consist of: a hot air blower with connecting flex, cutting knife, 50 m of welding cord and modules as required.

Contact Multotec today for a long-lasting, high wear resistant polyurethane screen panel!
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