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Vibroplast Screen Panels

Vibroplast screen panels from Multotec are injection moulded to allow for easy fastening and use in any mineral processing application. These panels are available in standard as well as soft polyurethane allowing for greater flexibility.

Multotec’s vibroplast screen panels are non-pegging and non-blinding. This is caused by the differential amplitude of vertical movements of the solid dams.

Tests have shown that over an extended period of time, Multotec’s vibroplast screen panels result in less than 5% oversize in the undersize – ensuring optimum performance.

Our vibroplast screen panels feature:

  • Accurate cut points in all mineral processing applications
  • Minimal sideways deflection of the solid dams
  • Even support of the load to due differential dam thicknesses
  • Extended screen panel life
  • Suitable for most screening applications
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories

Expertly designed to achieve accurate cut points in all mineral processing applications:

Multotec’s vibroplast screen panels are constructed with inter-connecting apertures and alternative solid dams of different thicknesses. The upward and downward movement of the panels is caused by the thick and thin dams moving relative to one another. Every second dam is thick, limiting deflecting, effectively supporting the load and extending panel life.

Screening Pegging & Blinding Solutions

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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