RubCer Composite Wear Products

Multotec RubCer composite wear linings, comprising of appropriately-shaped ceramic pieces embedded in a resilient rubber foundation, deliver exceptional wear and impact resistance to prolong the life of your process plant and equipment, especially in applications with intermediate angles of impact.

The ceramic pieces of the lining can be cylpeb, block or hex tile shaped, as demanded by the application, to provide a wear- and cut-resistant material lining, while the elasticity of the rubber foundation dampens and absorbs impacts produced by the processed medium.

Standard Multotec RubCer composite wear linings are 302 mm x 302 mm and 
302 mm x 606 mm, and are installed in a 305 mm x 305 mm and 500 mm x 500 mm grid. Non-standard sizes can be cut for chute sides. Large Multotec RubCer composite wear linings can also be manufactured with rubber edges.

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Our RubCer Composite Wear products feature:

  • Enhanced wear resistance for prolonged equipment life
  • Extended service intervals minimise downtime
  • Dry and wet assembly fastening methods available
  • Ceramic units shaped according to application
Provide maximum protection against the impact and abrasive wear of mineral processing for a prolonged plant lifespan!
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