Rubber Wear Plates

Rubber wear plates from Multotec form part of the processing equipment manufacturer’s range of wear solutions. They are available as standard rubber wear plates or profiled rubber wear plates, with the latter helping to eliminate the need for costly steelwork modifications to your equipment.

Multotec’s rubber wear plates are available in thicknesses from 40 to 230 mm in sizes up to 1 000 x 2 000 mm and 1 260 to 1 320 mm, while its profiled rubber wear plates are manufactured in standard lengths of 1 250 mm with widths of 400, 500 and 600 mm available. 

The profiled variation of our rubber wear plates have been engineered to return the angle of impact to as close to 90° as possible – the optimal impact angle for rubber liners.

Rubber Wear Plate advantages 

A few of the benefits of using Multotec’s rubber wear plate range include:

  • Maximised lifespan of your rubber linings
  • Slow material flow and reduced material impact
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Condition monitoring Yellow Belly wear indicator – ETO
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Installing your Rubber Wear Plates 

Installing rubber wear plates from Multotec has never been easier! For use in dry application only standard bolts, washers and nuts are used to secure these plates. To ensure sealing of bolt holes for use in wet applications, wet bolt assemblies that incorporate rubber sealing washers and steel cap washers are used.

For profiled rubber wear plates, Multotec’s polyurethane pin and sleeve fastening system requires installation from the bin inside only. This means the need for outside scaffolding is eliminated, facilitating ease of installation and further reducing installation costs.

Inspecting your Rubber Wear Plates

Multotec recently introduced a condition monitoring indicator - the Yellow Belly wear indicator. It is the same quality rubber plate or liner to which customers are accustomed but includes a yellow compound as a visual aid for condition monitoring purposes.

Yellow Belly wear indicators allow for visual inspection while eliminating the need for personnel to enter confined spaces like transfer points. The need for time consuming lock-out procedures is also removed. This Multotec rubber wear plate indicator is engineered to order (ETO) only.

Multotec’s rubber wear plates are also available as profiled rubber wear plates that eliminate the need for steelwork modifications.

In addition to rubber wear plates for wear solutions, Multotec also manufactures and distributes a range of wear solutions. This range includes: Ball Mill Liners, Mill and Scrubber Linings, Profile Liners, Rubber Linings, Rubber Mill Liners and Transfer Points & Chutes.

Achieve your business goals with Multotec!

At Multotec we provide more than processing equipment, but constantly strive to assist you in achieving your overall business goals. This is why when you partner with Multotec, you don’t just get a diversified product offering, but form a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets and field service and maintenance.

Rubber wear plates from Multotec are easy to install and are designed for use in both dry and wet applications.
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