VS Vertical Spindle Pump

Multotec’s VS Slurry Pump range is designed for slurry handling out-of-pit, tank or dam applications. Its vertical design combined with a small footprint and various shaft lengths makes it ideal for diverse mineral processing installations.

Manufactured in South Africa, this spindle pump is constructed from a combination of various alloys and rubbers to assist in reducing wear and lowering operational downtime.

The vertical spinal pump is available with discharge sizes that vary from 40 to 200 mm, and provides high capacities of up to 700 m³/ hr.

Features of this pump:

  • Non-submerged bearing design
  • No shaft sealing required
  • Large passage sizes
  • No priming required
  • High pulp densities
  • Dual impeller design – dual suction single discharge
Achieve your mineral processing goals with Multotec

Rubber lined to provide the ultimate in wear-resistance!

Multotec’s VS vertical spindle pumps are lined with various rubber elastomers to ensure it withstands the abuses of continuous use!

  • Natural Rubber
  • Butyl
  • Neoprene

Multotec’s VS - Metal vertical spindle pumps are fitted with various metal parts to ensure it withstands the abuses of continuous use!

  • High chromes
  • Various stainless steels

VS Vertical Pump assembly:

Multotec’s expertise in Pumps:

In 2015, we expanded our product range to include solutions for process water industries, including solutions for construction. We now offer a comprehensive range of pumps, industrial effluent treatment solutions and metals recovery processes.

Manufactured to the highest quality at our factories in South Africa, we have developed industrial slurry pumps for mineral processing, building sand & gravel.

Our pump ranges incorporate solutions for abrasive slurry operations, medium-duty slurry applications and CIP processes, large solids, abrasive slurries, sump applications including spillage and carbon transfer. Some units feature interchangeable casing liners and are available in different spindle lengths and various materials of construction.

Increase your processing efficiencies with an Industrial Slurry Pump from Multotec.
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