CENTRILAB Laboratory Centrifuge

Test the separability of suspension in the centrifugal field with the CENTRILAB Laboratory Centrifuge from SIEBTECNIK TEMA.

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA CENTRILAB laboratory centrifuge offers small-scale centrifugal separation equipment to simulate and identify your ideal solid/liquid or liquid/liquid separation parameters.

Practically every type of centrifuge can be tested and simulated very easily with the CENTRILAB, using a small quantity of material. CENTRILAB is ideal for centrifugal applications in mineral processing, chemicals, food and beverage, and more.


  • Portable design
  • High g force (3 500 g)
  • Extremely short start/stop times 

For over 30 years, Multotec has distributed the SIEBTECHNIK TEMA range of centrifuges. Through working closely with SIEBTECHNIK TEMA engineers, Multotec delivers customised and application-tailored equipment, with dependable engineering and aftersales support. 

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Find your ideal centrifuge with our Centrifuge Test Work Services, using the CENTRILAB.Contact Multotec

Centrifuge Test Work Services

Multotec’s centrifuge test work service is conducted on our laboratory centrifuge, the CENTRILAB.

In-house and on-site centrifuge test work includes:

  • Solids density, particle size distribution and solids concentration detection 
  • Testing to detect sample behaviour, moisture content and optimum operation condition
  • Sedimentation and filtration simulation tests


Operational & mechanical characteristics

The CENTRILAB has a robust mechanical construction and a full electronic control system.

With the CENTRILAB control touch screen, you can precisely preselect acceleration and dwell times, to the nearest tenth of a second. In avoidance of product turbulence during testing, the CENTRILAB has a specialised soft-start-stop function.

Fitted with an electric cover interlock, the CENTRILAB makes access to the rotating parts impossible when the unit is in operation, producing precise test work results.


Established almost 100 years ago, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA specialises in mineral processing, chemicals, food and beverage industries for solid/liquid separation. 

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA machines are recognised worldwide for extreme performance, reliability and durability, used in a variety of industries. 

With almost 100 years of company history, SIEBTECHNIK TEMA has an established strategic industry position, and an impressive worldwide presence. The company has approximately 3 500 employees and more than 50 Group companies.

Test your raw materials’ centrifugal separability in the CENTRILAB. Contact Multotec.
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