Screening Media

Heavy Duty Flood Nozzles

Multotec heavy duty flood nozzles are made from long-lasting abrasion-resistant polyurethane and can achieve a volumetric flow rate of over 23 m³ per hour for heavy duty flood nozzles and over 41 m³ per hour for Mafuta extra heavy duty flood nozzles, ensuring efficient operation.

A choice of either horizontal or 45° from horizontal installation ensures the most appropriate angle for your application to enhance productivity.

Multotec’s flood and spray nozzles are ideal for all wet screening, ore washing, medium recovery, slimes removal, conveyor belt cleaning and cooling applications.

Heavy Duty Flood Nozzles feature:

  • Increased efficiency from a high volumetric flow rate
  • Enhanced productivity from the most appropriate spray angle
  • 2 size variations

Available in 10 mm and 18 mm variations, heavy duty and Mafuta extra heavy flood nozzles from Multotec achieve pressures up to 400 kPa. A range of 3 nozzles – MCR Nozzles, MFN Nozzles and HDF Nozzles ensures Multotec’s heavy duty flood nozzles are ideally suited to the applications for which they are intended, and Mafuta connecting flanges, adaptors and nipples allow for versatility to the Mafuta extra heavy duty flood nozzles.


To reduce the possibility of damage by positioning by positioning the nozzle out of the flow of screen material, our flood nozzles can be mounted horizontally behind the pipe spray.

Increase the efficiency of your screening system with heavy duty flood nozzles from Multotec.
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