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Cyclone Accessories

Get all the hydrocyclone parts and accessories you need to keep your cyclone separators at peak performance quickly and conveniently with Multotec.

We ensure fast and efficient delivery of a complete range of high-quality cyclone spares through our global network. From hydrocyclone liners and spigots to valves, adapters and injectors, your local Multotec branch supports you with strategic holdings of cyclones accessories to help you minimise downtime.

Benefits for your plant

  • Short lead times for hydrocyclone spare parts
  • Easy to install on Multotec cyclones
  • Easily customise your cyclone performance according to your mineral processing application
  • High impact and abrasion resistant materials reduce wear and increase lifespan 

Interchangeable components

Multotec hydrocyclones are built with a modular, interchangeable design that delivers numerous performance advantages:

  • Costs are reduced as only the worn components need to be replaced
  • Changes in plant operation can be accommodated by changing components to alter cyclone performance

In instances where Multotec cyclone accessories cannot to be used on a different cyclone brand, Multotec adapter pieces allow for the fitment of specific Multotec wear items like spigots or vortex finders.

Cyclone accessories range:

Compression Moulded Rubber Linings

Compression Moulded Rubber Liners

Our compression moulded rubber linings prevent damage in your cyclone by means of a high quality and easy to replace product


Wafer Gate Valves

Our Wafer Gate Valves (WGV), Knife Gate and Diaphragm Type valves re ideal for use as isolation valves and precise cyclone control

Pressure Gauge Adapters

Pressure Guage Adaptors

Our pressure gauge adapters allow you to monitor and control your high capacity cyclones

Stacker Cyclone Vacuum Air Break Assembly

stacker cyclone vacuum air break assembly

Achieve optimised air supply and control in your cyclone application with our VABA system

Water Injectors

Water  Injectors

Reduce short circuiting to cyclone underflow by up to 50% with our water injectors. These water injector systems are simple in design, and c...



Multotec offers an extensive range of spigot sizes and types to match its cyclone range and their applications as well as spigot holders.

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