Multotec improves its AA165 cyclone design

Multotec’s MPC Cyclone Division announced that it has improved the design of its monolithic ceramic AA165 cyclone. Similar in construction to the polyurethane cyclone, the AA version is manufactured from monolithic ceramics instead of polyurethane, but its design ensures that it is fully interchangeable with the VV variant. The AA prefix is to differentiate the ceramic composition from the well-known VV prefix associated with the polyurethane cyclone.

“Ceramics are traditionally known to outlast most wear resistant materials and, because of this, we focused on this specific material in the design,” explains Dean Lincoln, General Manager, Multotec Cyclones. “All surfaces within the cyclone that are exposed to slurry are protected by high wear resistant ceramic monolithic sections which provide longer wear life.”

Cyclone composition and advantages

  • 8° cone section
  • 4-start thread design
  • Easy spigot removal
  • Fitted with or without barrel section
  • Accommodates 7-S or 75-S spigot

The older cyclone design did not cater for distributor interchangeability nor did it have sufficient protection around the inlet head which made it prone to cracking. The new AA165 design has factored in additional safeguarding mechanisms to prevent premature failures and, to protect the ceramics, it is encased in steel.

As the cyclone consists of interlocked ceramics encased in steel and polyurethane, only the spigot and vortex finders, traditionally the high wearing parts, are available as spares.

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