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Stacker Cyclone Vacuum Air Break Assembly

Multotec has developed the Vacuum Air Break Assembly (VABA) system for effective stacker cyclone operation.  This system allows plant personnel to control the vacuum required for effective stacker cyclone operations by means of an adjustable control valve.

This system allows effective stacker cyclone operation as air enters the VABA piping, and is then passed through a swing check valve allowing air to enter the system. The check valve will not allow any slurry to pass back through the pipe should there be a surge in pressure, as the non-return function will close the valve, thereby preventing any blocking of the VABA piping

The VABA system also comprises of an easy to read vacuum gauge as this is a critical control mechanism for effective stacker cyclone operations.

Benefits of using VABA in your cyclone application:

  • Complete control over vacuum air supply
  • Non-return control valve for optimised air supply
  • Easy to understand control mechanism
  • Simplified designs for easy installation
  • Various pipe diameters available depending on cyclone diameter used
We’ve recently upgraded our VABA system to house minimal components to ensure ease of installation!
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