PC (ribbon inlet head) cyclone makes comeback

The PC cyclone with its traditional ribbon-like inlet head has returned to the Multotec Cyclone range. The unique design of this cyclone allows clients to treat slurries that have higher than normal feed viscosities. The feed throat allows for pre-conditioning of the material prior to entering the cyclone, which aids in a finer and more efficient cut. Throughput is also higher through this cyclone.

Previously, this cyclone lost its preference in the market and was therefore discontinued for the following reasons:

  • It was not ideal for primary milling circuits since coarse material often got lodged in the feed throat and could not pass through, resulting in unwanted feed chokes.
  • The thickness of the inlet headliner was too thin resulting in the liner wall collapsing and preventing material from passing through.
  • To reduce the overall weight of the cyclone, the cone and barrel shells were manufactured from glass-fibre, but they cracked on impact, resulting in premature failures.

The design of the new and improved PC cyclone has taken all the previous concerns into consideration and now features the following improvements:

  • PC range is fully interchangeable with the HC range of cyclones
  • Steel shells are fitted throughout the cyclone
  • Feed inlet head throat is thicker to prevent narrowing
  • Inlet head liner is a single piece so no joining of parts is required/li>
  • Liners can be supplied in 25mm and 15mm thick
  • Latest spigot holder arrangements are fitted/li>
  • Liners can be supplied in 25mm and 15mm thick

The following PC inlet heads are now available and ready for the market:
PC 25-Z/A PC | 35-Z/A PC42-Z/A | PC 50-Z/A | PC 60-Z/A | PC75-Z/A | PC90-Z/A

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