New GV cyclone for tailings dam applications

The MPE Cyclone Division has designed a new cyclone specifically for tailings dam applications. This cyclone is called the GV cyclone and it is currently available as a 220mm ID cyclone with a 20 degree cone angle.

Due to the expected harsh operating conditions at tailings dams, it was important that the cyclone satisfy the following criteria:

  • Mass less than 45kg for ease of movement
  • Withstand considerable pressure spikes during start-up
  • Fast and tool-free method for spigot changes
  • Cost-effectiveness

To accommodate this strict design criteria, the Multotec GV cyclone is designed with:

  • Steel rubberlined inlet head.
  • Fibreglass cone fitted with a 15mm thick replaceable liner.
  • The new light-weight quick release screw spigot coupling. 

By incorporating these light-weight materials and modifying the design in very specific areas, the GV cyclone will still perform as expected. Additionally, the GV cyclone is rigid and has a mass of only 44.6 kg.

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