HDPE cyclone overflow elbows

The Multotec Cyclone Division has successfully implemented a process that allows us to completely rubber line HDPE overflow elbows. This process was explored due to the ongoing need to extend the overall operating life of HDPE overflow elbows, especially for aggressive milling applications. 

Traditionally, the wear on overflow elbows was very localised and easily prevented by the inclusion of a rubber overflow elbow sleeve. The rubber sleeve (6mm) is designed to fit inside the overflow elbow, just above the outlet of the inlet head. However in aggressive applications the wear point is exaggerated thus making the rubber sleeve less effective. Unfortunately, a longer sleeve cannot be fitted throughout the length of the overflow elbow due the specific manufacturing process of the HDPE. 

This constraint is now a thing of the past. By rubber lining the entire HDPE elbow, the life of the overflow elbow is now extended. 

As many clients still require the unlined HDPE elbow and accompanying rubber sleeve (due to its cost and weight benefits), MPE Cyclones can now offer both options. 

The fully rubberlined elbows, are lined with 6 mm thick Natural Rubber for all cyclone sizes up to 750 mm diameter. All cyclone sizes larger than 750 mm diameter will be lined with 10mm thick Natural Rubber. 

Multotec will continue to supply HDPE overflow elbows with the replaceable rubber sleeve as a standard. A completely rubberlined HDPE overflow elbow will be supplied on request.

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