Cast iron cyclone flanged vortex finders

The Multotec Cyclone Division has further improved its cast iron range of cyclones by modifying the design of the vortex finder. This modification considered the previous tapered design which did not fit comfortably inside the inlet head, resulting in an inconsistent free vortex finder length. This previous design was also very dependent on the amount of epoxy applied to the vortex finder prior to fitting it.

The new and improved design is now flanged, so no epoxy is necessary to ensure that the vortex finder fits flush first time. To ensure that spillage is prevented, a rubber gasket will be supplied with each flanged vortex finder that is purchased.

Should the wear on a vortex finder be the highest wear area on the cyclone, this new design allows MPE Cyclones to also offer a different higher wear-resistant alloy which could extend the life of the operating cyclone.

Currently these modifications can be found on the CL390, CL470 and CL570 cast iron cyclone range; however plans are in place to roll out this design to the remaining available sizes.


(On left) Right Handed Inlet head fitted with the flanged vortex finder

(On right), Left-Handed Inlet head showing the recess for a flanged vortex finder



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