Improvement to metal spigot holders

The MPE Cyclone Division has improved on its current spigot holder design for HC cyclones by incorporating a technology that reduces the amount of welding and improves lead time. The new spigot design is manufactured from metal plate that is formed against a die to produce the required shape that to house a Multotec spigot.

The unique spigot holder design includes a bull nose section on the end of the holder to enable the fitment of a flapper valve when required. This unique design thus prevents the flapper valve from falling off the spigot holder once connected with a clamp.

The only welding that can be seen on these units is located between the holder and the flange. To guarantee perfect welding finishes, this work is performed via a robotic arm.

The advantages of this new spigot holder ensures a greater degree of consistency and it is lightweight compared to its predecessor.



A. 75-SH-MS for the 75-S/xx spigot
B. 120-SH-MS for the 120-HS/xx spigot
C. 170-SH-MS for the 170-HS/xx spigot
D. 250-SH-MS for the 250-HS/xx spigot

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