Polyurethane commissioning spigots

The MPE Cyclone Division has designed a polyurethane spigot specifically for commissioning purposes. Currently this new design covers the full 120-HS and 170-HS range of spigot diameters.

In the past, commissioning spigots were supplied with most new cyclones to assist with optimal spigot performance during the commissioning process. The downfall of this practice is that clients were required to purchase a full set of spigots – one size smaller and one size larger for testing. This meant that some of these spigots would never be used as the diameters would not be suitable as confirmed during the commissioning process. Furthermore, returning the unused spigots to Multotec was not always viable due to logistical constraints and costs.

Therefore the  MPE Cyclone Division designed a polyurethane spigot that can be cut on site to resemble all available internal diameters. The new cut-able spigots, with the naming convention of CCS (Clamp-able Cut-able Spigots)  are easily recognisable by its “top hat” design and they clearly display the spigot diameters of all available diameters on the unit.

These spigots are flanged and need to be bolted to the cyclone since they are longer than the traditional Multotec 120-HS or 170-HS spigots. To accommodate this, solid loose flanges will be supplied with the spigot.

This new spigot resembles the “top hat” design and has the following unique features:

  • Easy to read spigot diameters (in mm)
  • Easy to follow Cut lines
  • Compatible with Multotec cyclones
  • Easy to install
  • Flange is re-enforced 

 120 –CCS-15/100

170 –CCS-15/140  

The sizes currently available for the HC and HA Cyclones are summarised below:

Spigot Name

Smallest Diameter

Largest Diameter



30 mm

100 mm

5 mm


70 mm

140 mm

10 mm


 120 –CCS-15/100 Clamp-able Cut-able Spigot

170 –CCS-15/140 Clamp-able Cut-able Spigot  

After the commissioning phase is complete and the optimal spigot diameter has been determined, the traditional Multotec spigot (120-HS or 170-HS) can be purchased, either in Polyurethane or Ceramic. As a reminder, the following cut-able commissioning spigots are still available from MPE Cyclones:

Spigot Name

Smallest Diameter

Largest Diameter


220-S-20/75    or     220-THS/75 

For R, HC & HA (with 250 breakpoint)

75 mm

180 mm

5 mm


Known as clampable cuttable spigot for the R-Type & VV Cyclones           

15 mm

105 mm

5 mm


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