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Pressure Gauge Adapters

Multotec offers a full range of pressure gauge adapters that are cast polyurethane for our HC and HA range of High Capacity Classification Cyclones.

These adapters are fitted between the cyclone feed inlet and the feed pipe, and are designed specifically to house a pressure gauge so that pressure readings to the cyclone can be measured. This critical parameter is paramount for effective cyclone operations.

In many cases, cyclone feed lines are not fitted with pressure gauges, so this adapter allows the plant personnel to install the adapter in most pipelines.

The adapter has been designed to be as narrow as possible so that not much space is required if the adapter is required.

In the case of steel pipelines, a flanged steel adapter, lined with wear resistant rubber or ceramics can also be installed. This adapter can house a pressure gauge or pressure transducer.

These units can also be used as sampling points if no other options are available.

Benefits of our Pressure Gauge Adapters in your cyclone application:

  • Add precise pressure control to your cyclone
  • Cast in durable polyurethane for abrasive and corrosive applications
  • Compact designs
  • Optional housing for pressure gauge or transducer
  • Alternative materials of construction also available
Our pressure gauges add precise control of your classification cyclones in all mineral processing applications.
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