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Compression Moulded Rubber Linings

Multotec supplies replaceable rubber liners for its HC cyclone range (250 mm to 900 mm). We have perfected the process of compression moulding by using dedicated moulds to satisfy the intricate designs required for hydrocyclones.

The process begins with natural rubber in its uncured state that is applied to the steel moulds. These parts are then placed in an autoclave to cure the rubber and offer a high wear resistance characteristic. Depending on the product being produced, presses ranging from 400 to 900 tons are used.

The liners offer a far superior quality compared to traditional hand packed liners. They are quicker to produce with lead times for these units drastically reduced; and can be made available for breakdown situations.

A substantial investment has been made in the moulds, which were designed and manufactured by independent tool shops with proven records of quality workmanship.

Since these liners are compressed in dedicated moulds, they offer the same consistent quality.

Features of our compression moulded rubber linings

  • Easy to replace once worn
  • Cost effective as the steel does not need to be replaced
  • Thick liners (25 mm and 15 mm) offer a long wear life
  • Consistently high quality product

Industry-tested design features that improve overall efficiency:

Weep holes

All major cyclone housings are designed with weep holes to alert plant personnel when a liner needs to be replaced. The advantages of weep holes are twofold:

  • They prevent damage to the cyclone housings
  • They permit maximum life of the liner thus reducing operating costs
Prevent damage in your cyclone housing with Multotec’s compression moulded rubber linings today!
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