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Multotec offers an extensive scope of spigot sizes and types to match its entire cyclone range as well as the applications for which they are intended.

Spigots from Multotec are supplied in the best material for the intended applications and, due to normal high wear, are easily replaceable to ensure minimum downtime when replacements are necessary.

Spigots from Multotec feature: 

  • Variety of sizes and types for appropriate application
  • Spigot holders facilitate easy spigot replacement
  • Easy replacement translates to reduced downtime
  • Prolonged spigot life with parallel throat design
  • Parallel throat facilitates constant outlet dimension over long periods which maximises cyclone efficiency over a longer period of time
  • Spigots from Multotec are more cost-effective and consistent, and range in diameters from 3mm to 210mm.

Multotec’s new metal spigot holders:

Multotec has engineered a new metal spigot holder for high-capacity cyclones. The new design features a metal plate that is formed against a die to produce the required shape to house a Multotec spigot. This reduces the amount of welding required and therefore reduces lead times. The advantages of this new spigot holder ensure a greater degree of consistency and it is light weight compared to its predecessor.

The unique spigot holder design includes a bull nose section on the end of the holder to enable the fitment of a flapper valve when required. This unique design prevents the flapper valve from falling off the spigot holder once connected with a clamp.

The only welding on these holders is located between the holder and the flange. To guarantee perfect welding finishes, this work is performed via a robotic arm.

These new spigot holders are available in the following sizes:

  • 75-SH-MS for the 75-S/xx spigot
  • 120-SH-MS for the 120-HS/xx spigot
  • 170-SH-MS for the 170-HS/xx spigot
  • 250-SH-MS for the 250-HS/xx spigot

Multotec spigots types – application dependent: 

  • Rubber
  • Hard wearing polyurethane
  • Cast Iron (DMS)
  • Alumina
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Speciality materials (on application)

Multotec spigots holders – tailored for all clients: 

For our popular HC range of cyclones, the latest design spigot holders are made cost-effectively from steel using an amended fabrication method.

For our polyurethane VV range of cyclones, a new quick release screw on holder has been developed.

Polyurethane Commissioning Spigots

Designed specifically for commissioning purposes, Multotec’s PU commissioning spigots cover the full 120-HS and 170-HS range of spigot diameters.

The spigots simplify testing and commissioning of hydrocyclones, allowing operators to cut the spigots on site as required. The 120 CCS spigot is available in diameters from 30 to 100 mm in 5 mm increments, and the 170 CCS spigot is supplied in 70 to 140 mm diameters with 10 mm increments.

This new spigot is easily recognised through its ‘top hat’ design and has the following unique features:

  • Easily read spigot diameters (in mm)
  • Easy-to-follow cut lines
  • Compatible with Multotec cyclones
  • Easy to install
Our spigots are fabricated for high wear environments, are easily replaceable and designed to match required applications, ultimately improving productivity.
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