Wear Audits

As part of its holistic wear linings solution, Multotec conducts wear audits on mineral processing equipment lined with its solutions. These wear audits aim to improve overall wear rates by identifying areas of improvement, leading to new or improved designs.

In addition to improving wear rates, these wear audits also enable Multotec to customise our wear linings specifically to suit the mineral characteristics and the process application.

Multotec provides highly-resistant ceramic solutions for high wear surfaces in the various commodity-based industries. The use of ceramic wear linings significantly increases the life of the sub-straight on which the ceramics are bonded, facilitating reduced mean-time between failures and lower costs as production loses are minimised.

Multotec will conduct a wear audit to:

  • Reduce the overall rate of wear
  • Assess the wear rates of our linings
  • Assess the process characteristics for a customised wear lining solution
  • Identify where design improvements can be made

More than a mineral processing equipment supplier:

At Multotec, we provide more than processing equipment, but constantly strive to assist you in achieving overall business excellence. This is why when you partner with Multotec, you don’t just get a diversified product offering, but form a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets and field service and maintenance – ensuring that together we will create a solution that is suited specifically to your individual needs and that will optimise your process and lower your overall operating costs.

Multotec aims to lower the rate of wear with our wear audits, ultimately reducing your downtime and cost per ton processed!
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