An insider's look at Multotec’s hydrocyclones

Multotec's high-capacity hydrocyclones are crucial and are used in various industries in South Africa, including mineral processing, manufacturing, food processing and wastewater treatment. Renowned for their efficiency and role in improving productivity, these hydrocyclones have benefited companies like Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto. In the mining sector, for example, Multotec's hydrocyclones play a crucial role in ore classification, dewatering, and fines recovery, thereby contributing to streamlining operations and maximising output.

Hydrocyclones: What are they and how do they work?

Also referred to as cyclones, hydrocyclones are used for the classification and separation of particles based on their size, shape and density. Their main components include a cylindrical upper section known as the vortex finder, a conical lower section known as the cone, and an underflow and overflow outlet. Hydrocyclones use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquids or to separate liquids of different densities. The principle behind a hydrocyclone is that the suspension enters the cyclone at a tangent and at high velocity, creating a spinning motion. Consequently, particles that have a larger diameter (or mass) move towards the outer wall, while those with smaller diameter (or mass) move towards the centre of the cyclone. This centrifugal separation method allows for the efficient sorting and classification of materials.

History and evolution of Multotec hydrocyclones

Multotec's journey in hydrocyclone technology is marked by a legacy of innovation and continuous improvement. Over the years, Multotec has established itself as a pioneer in providing industry-proven solutions in hydrocyclone technology, catering to the evolving needs of the mining, mineral processing and other sectors. For example, Multotec's collaboration with major mining companies has led to the development of customised hydrocyclones that optimise process efficiency and performance, setting new standards in the industry.

The evolution of Multotec's hydrocyclones has been shaped by a commitment to enhancing capacity, reducing wear rates, and improving overall functionality and separation efficiency. Across the world, Multotec's hydrocyclones have been instrumental in achieving the required cut-points and precision in classification processes. By incorporating advanced design elements like the scrolled evolute design, Multotec has significantly enhanced the separation capabilities of its hydrocyclones. This enhanced separation has led to increased productivity and cost savings for entities operating in challenging mineral processing environments.

With regards to innovation and keeping up with industry trends, Multotec's dedication to research and development is proven by continuous improvements in its cyclone technology. R&D has led to the integration of innovative features like weep holes, quick release spigot holders, oversize spigot designs and reduced weight cyclone options, which play a crucial role in reducing maintenance costs and downtime. This continuous focus on innovation and efficiency highlights Multotec's position as a global leader in hydrocyclone technology.

Multotec’s range of hydrocyclone solutions

Multotec offers a comprehensive range of hydrocyclones designed to cater to the specific needs of various industries. The range includes:

Classification Cyclones

Multotec's classification cyclones are designed to provide accurate cut points and high separation efficiencies. They come in various sizes and materials and include High Capacity Classification Cyclones, Mill Circuit Cyclones, Stacker Cyclones and Dewatering Cyclones.


Optimise mineral processing with Multotec's classification cyclones. Explore high-capacity hydrocyclones for efficient separation.


Improve separation accuracy and efficiency with Multotec's engineered hydrocyclones for dense medium separation.

Dense Medium (DM) Cyclones

Dense Medium Cyclones, also known as heavy medium cyclones, are the ultimate in alumina-tiled cyclone design. DM cyclones provide maximum separation efficiency and wear resistance in harsh applications. Solutions in the range include: Cast Iron Cyclones, Ceramic Lined Cyclones (MAX), Cyclone Densifiers and Monocone Cyclones.

Tailings Dam Cyclones (GV Cyclones)

GV Cyclones are designed specifically for use in tailings dams. These cyclones weigh just 45 kg, with a 220 mm ID and 20-degree cone angle. They are engineered to ensure that the optimum volumetric split between overflow and underflow is achieved to match the required rate of rise of the tailings dam – cost-effectively, reliably, and with simple maintenance.


For optimal tailings dam separation, Multotec's hydrocyclones ensure cost-effective and reliable volumetric split.


Discover Multotec's hydrocyclone distributors for efficient and even feed distribution in harsh conditions.

Cyclone Distributors

Cyclone Distributors are fabricated from mild steel and lined internally. The distribution design minimises pressure losses resulting in higher energy transfers to the cyclones. The Cyclone Cluster Jib, Pulp Distributors and Alternative Cyclone Distributor Designs form part of this range.

Cyclone Accessories

Multotec provides a variety of Cyclone Accessories you need to complement their hydrocyclones. These include Compression Moulded Rubber Linings, Valves, Spigots, Water Injectors, Pressure Gauge Adapters and Stacker Cyclone Vacuum Air Break Assembly


Enhance cyclone performance with Multotec's high-quality hydrocyclone accessories. From rubber linings to valves and injectors, optimise your process with ease.


Optimise your cyclone's efficiency with Multotec's superior cyclone spares range. Global standards, 50+ years expertise.

Cyclone Spares

Multotec manufactures cyclone Spares for its complete ranges of DMS Cyclones and hydrocyclones. With 6 models of DMS Cyclones and hydrocyclones, each available in 5 to 12 different sizes with numerous configurations, we have in excess of 10 000 cyclone spare parts for these two cyclone ranges.

Key features and benefits of Multotec hydrocyclones

Multotec's high capacity hydrocyclones offer a variety of key features and benefits that prove they are industry leaders. These include:

  • Custom designs

    Hydrocyclones from Multotec are custom-designed to meet the specific requirements of different applications, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. This customisation capability allows Multotec clients to achieve precise results and maximise resource utilisation which contributes to overall operational success.

    Hydrocyclones are essential equipment for efficient particle separation and classification processes in various industries.

    Watch this webinar on hydrocyclones to gain insights into the benefits of this technology in various industries.

  • Innovative designs

    Multotec's range of hydrocyclones incorporates innovative weep holes that serve as early warning indicators for maintenance needs, quick release spigot holder designs and weight reduction options and alternative wear material options, add to the ease of maintenance. By proactively addressing maintenance issues, Multotec's hydrocyclones enhance operational reliability and extend equipment lifespan. Multotec's bespoke solutions extend beyond design customisations to include innovative features like the scrolled evolute design, which enhances hydrocyclone efficiency and performance.

    By collaborating closely with clients and incorporating their unique requirements into the design process, Multotec ensures that their hydrocyclones are specifically tailored to clients’ requirements. This ensures that Multotec caters to the diverse needs of different industries, setting a new standard for performance and reliability.

  • Sustainable and durable construction

    All Multotec’s solutions are manufactured to the highest standards and with sustainability in mind. In Africa, and in South Africa, where mining operations take place in harsh conditions, Multotec hydrocyclones are constructed with advanced materials like silicon carbide. These have demonstrated exceptional durability and performance in a vast range of mineral processing applications. These wear-resistant materials ensure that our hydrocyclones maintain their efficiency over extended periods, reducing both downtime and maintenance costs.

Hydrocylones industrial applications

The application and use of Multotec hydrocyclones in South Africa span a wide range of industries and operational processes. This makes them a versatile solution for diverse requirements in applications such as:

  • Mines and mineral processing

    Hydrocyclones are extensively used for classification, dewatering and fines recovery. They play a critical role in enhancing operational efficiency and product quality, so that mining and mineral processing operations can realise their production targets with reliable precision.

  • Water treatment processes

    Hydrocyclones are used for densifying and recovering fines from water streams. Their efficient performance and durability ensure that industries, water authorities and municipalities meet regulatory requirements while optimising their water treatment processes for minimal environmental impact.

  • Manufacturing

    In the manufacturing sector hydrocyclones are crucial for separating particles from liquids in various production lines. They help enhance process efficiency, product quality and environmental compliance by effectively managing waste and reducing resource consumption.

  • Food processing

    Hydrocyclones also play an invaluable role in the food processing industry where, among other roles, they improve the safety and quality of food products. They are a critical component in several food processing applications, including juice clarification, brewing processes and in the dairy industry.

Comprehensive field maintenance service & technical support

A proactive approach to maintenance and servicing is required to guarantee the peak performance of hydrocyclones across various industrial applications. Multotec offers a comprehensive range of field maintenance services, including technical support, field services, and an extensive selection of spare parts.

Multotec's maintenance strategy encompasses proactive interventions that focus on preventing issues before they occur. By leveraging advanced monitoring technologies and industry expertise, Multotec enables companies to stay ahead of maintenance requirements, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime and optimising the operational lifespan of their hydrocyclones. This proactive maintenance approach not only enhances productivity, but also offers long-term cost savings and improved performance.

Multotec’s nationwide branch network ensures that support and services are always within reach, making it easier for companies across various industries to benefit from its hydrocyclone offering. With strategically located branches throughout South Africa and into Africa, Multotec guarantees timely and efficient service delivery to all clients. This accessibility facilitates closer collaboration and quicker response times for maintenance and technical support needs, ensuring that hydrocyclone performance remains optimal.

Multotec's nationwide branch network’s proactive maintenance and quick support. Contact Multotec today!

Partner with Multotec for cutting-edge hydrocyclones for industrial applications

South African companies across industrial, mining and mineral processing sectors depend on high-quality hydrocyclones to achieve their business imperatives. Hydrocyclones from Multotec have proven indispensable equipment in this regard. By continuously innovating, customising solutions, and collaborating with industry partners, Multotec sets the benchmark for excellence in hydrocyclone technology, delivering tangible benefits and driving operational success across diverse sectors.

Experience excellence in hydrocyclone technology.
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