Ceramic Lined Cyclones (MAX)

Multotec’s MAX range of ceramic lined cyclones provides the ultimate in wear resistance with its alumina tiled cyclone engineering design. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis, 3D computer aided design and extensive field testing are all combined to create Multotec’s MAX cyclone design.

Ceramic lined cyclones couple the highly efficient Multotec scrolled evolute inlet design with an engineered tile wear surface that ensures maximum efficiency of separation and improved wear life.

The MAX range of cyclones is a result of the combination of the specialised technological expertise and experience of two of Multotec’s specialities, mineral processing equipment and wear resistant linings.

With various inlet and vortex finder diameters available, a single cyclone diameter can accommodate a wide range of tonnages and sinks yields.

Features of our Ceramic Lined Cyclones:

  • The ultimate in alumina tiled cyclone engineering design
  • Maximum efficiency of separation
  • Cost-effective
  • Superiority of design confirmed by Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis
  • Minimised turbulence
  • Engineered tiles are designed specifically for your application
  • Long lasting wear surface
  • Reduced energy usage
Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone
Max Dense Medium Cyclone
Monocone Cyclone

Overflow Discharge  

  • Vortex extension or overflow elbow options are available
  • Overflow elbow design minimises overflow base costs  

Extended Barrel Section  

  • Increases residence time and efficiency of separation
  • Ideal for feed solids that contain high percentages of fine or near density material  

27% Chrome Cast Iron Cones  

  • Used for applications where large tramp metal may be fed into the cyclone  

Parallel Throat Spigots  

  • Help preserve spigot size for longer 
  • Cyclone cut density is maintained more consistently  

Oversized Spigots  

  • Worn spigots can be replaced with oversized spigots
  • Larger diameter allows for it to be fitted on worn cones without creating an inward step  

Different Inlet Designs

  • Allows for a range of volumetric flow rates to be accommodated by a single cyclone diameter

Various Vortex Finders

  • Allows for a wide range of sinks yields to be accommodated
Our innovative designs and technology has resulted in specialised design features that improve overall running costs!

Ceramic engineered tiles for long-lasting performance in abrasive applications:

Regular cyclones utilise hand-cut standard pressed tiles. However, this results in gaps between the tiles, and the epoxies used to bond the tiles wear rapidly. As wear progresses, the tile surface becomes increasingly uneven, resulting in accelerated wear.

Multotec’s engineered tiles are pressed with chamfered sides and then cut precisely, whilst in the green state, to the required shape. This ensures that gaps between the tiles are minimised. Each tile is specifically designed for its place in the complete tile kit, ensuring a very tight fit with minimum space at the joints. Tile widths are selected to provide a smooth internal surface. The end result is a long lasting wear surface.

MAX DMS Cyclone

Multotec’s innovative dense medium cyclones are proven to improve separation efficiency.
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