Cast Iron Cyclones

Multotec’s cast iron dense medium cyclone range provides guaranteed separation efficiencies and maximum wear life. This range of cyclones is cast in 27% high chrome which provides excellent wear resistance and out-performs all other castings.

Using state of the art simulation programmes coupled with experience obtained in treating a diverse range of minerals, our highly qualified team of process engineers will recommend the correct size and configuration of cast iron cyclone to suit your dense medium cyclone needs.

Multotec’s new flanged vortex finder: innovative designs to lower downtime!

Multotec has recently modified the design of cast iron cyclones with the new flanged vortex finder. The previous tapered design often did not fit correctly inside the inlet head which resulted in an inconsistent vortex finder length and relied heavily on the amount of epoxy applied. The new flanged design requires no epoxy to ensure the vortex finder fits flush the first time!

We also supply a rubber gasket with each flanged vortex finder to prevent spillage! This new cyclone innovation also allows operators to remove the vortex finder and replace it with a new unit without having to remove the entire cyclone. This lowers downtime for cyclone operations! In addition, should the wear on a vortex finder be the highest wear area on the cyclone, this new design facilitates a different and higher wear resistant alloy, which could extend the life of the operating cyclone.

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Features of our Cast Iron Cyclones:

  • High-strength chrome for maximum wear resistance with other materials of construction also available
  • Increased residence with inclusion of a barrel extension
  • Worn spigots can be replaced with oversized spigots to increase the overall life of the cyclone
  • Maximum separation efficiency
  • New flanged vortex finder to lower downtime

Our innovative designs and technology have resulted in high wear resistance and maximum efficiency:

Overflow Discharge

  • Vortex extension or overflow elbow options available
  • Vortex extensions are cheaper, easier to maintain and simplify inspection  

Extended Barrel Section

  • Increases residence time, thus improving efficiency
  • Ideal for feed solids that contain high percentages of fine or near density material

Parallel Throat Spigots

  • Helps preserve spigot diameter for longer
  • Cyclone cut density is maintained more consistently

Oversized Spigots

  • Worn spigots can be replaced with oversized spigots, thus extending the overall life of the cyclone
  • Oversized spigots allows for it to be fitted on worn cones without creating an inward step

Monocone design for simplified maintenance 

Multotec has introduced the Multotec Monocone design for its cast iron dense medium cyclones, which form part of its range of dense medium cyclones. It eliminates the joint area found in two-piece cyclones by combining the spigot and cone and has the advantage of eliminating the possibility of a groove forming between the cone and spigot. This extends the cast iron cyclone life and simplifies onsite maintenance. Read the full story here.

Multotec’s CL Cast Iron Cyclones

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