Monocone Cyclone

Monocone cyclones from Multotec combine the spigot and cone into a single unit using a cone-spigot monolithic design. Forming part of its dense medium separation (DMS) cylone range, they have been engineered to extend the lifespan of cast iron DMS cyclones as well as simplify onsite maintenance.

The monolithic design, which ensures no groove or inward step when compared to a well-worn or misaligned spigot, is tailored to improve customer experience.

The primary aim of the Multotec Monocone cyclone is to reduce the number of components of the cyclone and ultimately eliminate the joint between the cone and the spigot.

It achieves this with an improved product life, reduced maintenance interventions and maintaining process efficiency after maintenance has been conducted.

Note: Multotec still supplies cast iron spigots and cones separately in applications where the Monocone cyclone design is not the most efficient.

Monocone Cyclone advantages 

  • No join for spigot and cone required
  • Possibility of grooves forming between cone and spigot eliminated
  • No grooves means minimised turbulence
  • Minimised turbulence reduces localised wear
  • Improved separation efficiency from smoother internal profile 
  • Cones remain at 20° and the overall length of the cyclone remains unchanged
Multotec’s innovative Monocone cyclones are proven to improve separation efficiency.
Cast Iron Dense Medium Cyclone
Max Dense Medium Cyclone
Monocone Cyclone
Cyclone Densifiers

Monocone cyclones: now easier to handle!

To further improve the handling properties of the Monocone Cyclone, Multotec has developed an assembly location point which is only visible on the outside of the cone. The intended purpose of this location point is to allow assemblers to lift the cones during the assembly process, thus making assembly easier and safer.

The assembly location point now includes two cut-outs, improving s the overall grip of the sling once it is fastened to the Monocone.

Monocone test work 

Recent test work in diamond operations have proven that flow disturbances in the cyclone are reduced and cyclone performance is constantly maintained as a result of the Monocone installation.

In another test work application, Multotec used conventional cyclones fitted with a separate cone / spigot combination and a similar cyclone fitted with a Monocone. The results confirmed that the wear pattern on the Monocone combination was smoother than that of the conventional cyclones.

Once the cyclones were worn, the Monocone showed improved separation efficiency due to the smoother internal profile. Read the press release here.

For specific applications, Multotec collaborates with its customer to find a unique, appropriate solution

The Monocone is complemented by our CL range of cast iron cyclones. Cyclones in this range are designed with a self-aligning joint between the spigot and cone, which eliminates the creation of an inward step during their assembly on operational sites.

Achieve your business goals with Multotec!

At Multotec, we provide more than processing equipment. We constantly strive to assist you in achieving your overall business goals. This is why when you partner with Multotec, you don’t just get a diversified product offering, but form a relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheetsand field service and maintenance.

Speak to a Multotec consultant today about how we can manufacture a performance-enhancing process solution for you!
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