MATO Conveyor Belt Cleaners

Remove carryback from your belt with the MATO range of Conveyor Belt Cleaners from Multotec.

Multotec stocks, distributes and installs MATO Primary and Secondary Conveyor Belt Cleaners, Diagonal Cleaners, and Secondary Scrapers. The range is used on almost any conveyor system or conveyor belt types.

Designed for maximum carryback removal, MATO conveyor cleaners reduce belt wear and mistracking, helping to increase efficiency, improve productivity and enhance safety.

Used in the mining, mineral processing and materials handling industries, these conveyor belt cleaning systems guarantee smooth efficient conveyor belt functioning by:

  • having extremely high cleaning levels,
  • offering 3 variations of clamps for belt cleaners,
  • including self-adjusting cleaning blades; and
  • incorporating quick-change slide-on and slide-off blades

Additional benefits

  • Increased conveyor belt uptime
  • Reduced maintenance costs 
  • Less spillage
  • Minimal carryback
  • Safe use


Conveyor Belt Cleaner

Primary Belt Cleaner MCP3-S

Installed at the head pulley, the MCP3-S Primary Cleaner is designed to be an aggressive head pulley cleaner without affecting the conveyor belt surface. Available in various different polyurethane grades, it offers the following benefits:

  • High level of cleaning due to specialised blade shape
  • Dimensions ideal for belt widths from 750 – 1800 mm
  • Well-suited for belts with mechanical splices
  • Sheets available in various polyurethane finishes
  • Self-adjusting blades

The MCP3-S can be clamped using airbag clamping, spring tension and screw mounting methods. The airbag method provides the longest maintenance-free operation, while the spring tension is set to 80 mm eliminating the need for readjustment. This ensures the blade is in constant contact with the belt for the life of the blade.

Secondary Belt Cleaners: MUS2 & MCS2-S

Recommended for stubborn dirt removal not eradicated by installed scrapers, the arc shape of the squeegee on the MCS2-S and MUS2 series provides an extremely high level of cleaning.

The arc shape, even in the hard metal version, is ‘connector friendly’ when used for mechanical splices. This means the connection does not touch the scraper.

  • Belt cleaner sheets available in various carbide and polyurethane finishes 
  • 100% true blade alignment
  • Dimensions for belt widths: 750 – 1 800 mm

The MUS2 series uses the new M-TRAK slide on the cushion and blade for easy installation and maintenance.  The unique M-TRAK is designed to eliminate long maintenance downtimes while ensuring that all blade alignments are 100% true across the entire conveyor belt width.

Diagonal Cleaners for Underground and Plant Conveyors

The fastener-friendly MATO Diagonal Cleaner range from Multotec is ideal for use in the protection of tail or return pulleys. It comes with a self-adjusting system and is designed for fast and easy blade changes.

MATO belt cleaning systems ensure the blade is always in contact with the belt. Quick-change slide blades reduce belt downtime and tail-end cleaners feature a no-maintenance, self-tensioning system.

Multotec products are engineered to optimise costs, lifespan and efficiency of mineral beneficiation plants.
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