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MATO Conveyor Belt Accessories

MATO Products stocks the full range of MATO conveyor belt accessories, belt clamps, 1-way and 2-way belt cutters, belt grips, belt skivers and alba tirfors.

MATO is South Africa’s only manufacturer of mechanical belt fastening systems, the preferred choice for large-scale mining and materials handling operations in South Africa. MATO is part of the Multotec Group, and is distributed in Southern, Eastern and Central Africa.

Our Conveyor Belting Accessories:

MATO 3-Ton Belt Clamp

The MATO 3-ton local belt clamp has been tested by CSIR to pull up to 9 tons of tension force without any distortion. This robust clamp can be ordered with the option of a wire rope or chain sling.

MATO 30 kN & 60 kN Belt Clamps

MATO 30kN & 60kN imported belt clamps are ISO 9001:2015 and TüV certified for extreme reliability.

They consist of two removable top and bottom beams and have a pre-nib tensioning system. The clamps are designed with a bow to allow even clamping pressure over the width of new and worn belts.

The MATO 30 and 60Kn belt clamp is fully certified and the only belt clamp that it separately pull tested and certified in the world.

Conveyor Belt Marker 2
Conveyor Belt Marker

MATO 1-Way Light Duty and 2-Way Heavy Duty Belt Cutters

MATO belt cutters have a built-in one-way ratchet type cutter square to deliver a straight and even belt cut.

Safe and easy to operate, they features blade guards on both ends and are fitted with a dual edged dove tailed blade ensuring the cutter can be used from both sides of the belt.

The MATO range of belt cutters includes both 2-way cutters and 1-way cutters 

MATO Belt Grip “KORWE”

The MATO Belt Grip "KORWE" is locally manufactured to make belt handling safe and effortless, and can be used on belt thickness from 5 to 18 mm.

The KORWE can be used in all industries for belt handling. The KORWE is not limited to coal application, it can also be used in any other mining applications for better conveyor belt handling. 

MATO Belt Skiver

The MATO Belt Skiver can be used to plane off the top covers of the belt, allowing the fastener and top cover of belt to be on same plane, thus reducing fastener wear.

ISO 9001:2015 and TüV certified, the belt skiver planes the conveyor belt evenly to ensure belt fastener efficiency and is designed to function on our range of lacing beds, thereby reducing cost of ownership. 

Alba Tirfor

Customised with a solid operating handle and a swivel hook attached for safer operation, the Alba Tirfor features an all steel construction that complies with the most stringent underground coal mine regulations.

The Alba Tirfor can be used with a 5 ton tirfor rope complete with 5 ton swivel hook using steel ferrule one end, tapered and brazed the other.

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