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Capabilities & Materials

Multotec develops, designs and manufactures a range of screen media to best practice design criteria using state-of-the-art design software and leading engineering expertise.

Multotec’s value proposition is not only the manufacture and supply of equipment, but also the complete installation, commissioning, and maintenance services for our equipment. This approach ensures optimisation for any screen media application or machine type. Our primary focus is the delivery of value-adding solutions at the lowest cost of ownership.

Multotec has an extensive range of screen media products and ancillaries designed for the local Australasian market. Our product lines utilise a comprehensive range of fit-for-purpose construction materials. These materials include:

  • Compression moulded rubber of 60 – 80 Shore hardness using various proprietary rubber compounds
  • Injection moulded rubber of 40 – 60 Shore hardness using various proprietary rubber compounds
  •  Injection moulded polyurethane screen media is widely used in applications on fine wet screening, dewatering applications and a host of other applications requiring high screen efficiencies and large open area
  • Solid impact panels in either rubber or polyurethane. Rubber panels can be supplied with forged plate or ceramic inserts to improve impact resistance and media life in heavy-duty applications
  • Hand-cast polyurethane can be supplied where a unique application demands a specific type of polyurethane panel and a suitable mould for injection moulding does not exist or cannot be made within the timeframe
  • Woven wedge wire is manufactured by Multotec for use in special applications requiring wedge wire moulded into a cast polyurethane frame or for use in sieve bend frames
  • Multotec manufacture polyurethane and rubber materials for use in screen media fixing systems, rail covers, sideliners, beam covers and our velocity curtains
Multotec holds several patents, and a proven track record for reliability and efficiency, and is constantly developing innovative products and adopting effective processes.Find out more

Custom Solutions

Multotec develops bespoke solutions for our customers using the best-suited materials for each application. We are constantly investigating new and improved materials to improve wear life and overcome issues experienced by our customers.

Our commitment to process capability ensures that Multotec offers peace of mind through equipment and services that contribute positively to improved plant availability and reduced total cost of ownership.

Screen Media Supply Programme

We manufacture a complete range of screens, in the size and material of construction you need:

Multotec capabilites

Materials and production capabilities

Screening applications vary significantly. With our range of rubber, polyurethane, wedge wire and hard plates supplied in a variety of fixing systems and sizes, Multotec can meet any mineral screening requirement.

Production methods include gravity casting, injection moulding, compression moulding, wire drawing and welding through a worldwide supply chain with local manufacturing close to the market in all countries. 

Multotec Australia operates a consolidated 5 000 m² manufacturing facility in Brisbane, supported with Multotec's global manufacturing footprint in Africa, North and South America and Asia. 

Proprietary design and bespoke mould and toolmaking allow custom solutions to be tailored to customers’ specific requirements quickly.


  • Full range Heavy Duty high impact performance
  • Impact-resistant materials with exceptional wear life
  • Fine aperture options available 
  • Heat and abrasion-resistant applications

Wedge Wire

  • Locally produced and sourced wedge wire in a variety of profiles and materials
  • High Open area and drainage rates
  • Chromed and treated wire options for longer life


  • Versatile and customisable
  • Sharp apertures and high cut-point accuracy & reliability
  • Pegging performance from resilient material properties
  • High open areas possible

Ceramic Composites

  • Alumina ceramics 92%, 95% and ZTA in rubber and polyurethane matrix
  • High sliding abrasion resistance

Hard Wearing Plate

  • Full range of pearlitic, martensitic, dua-plate, hard faced and quenched plates
  • Screen apertures and solid impact areas

Multotec Australia – Here for you

In the past 15 years, Multotec Australia has grown local and regional risk managed supply chain options to increase speed to market and offer improved pricing. This integrates with Multotec's global strategy of efficient asset management, with a manufacturing hub in Brisbane supported by a presence in Perth, Newman, Mackay, Emerald and Newcastle. 

To support our portfolio of major project and mining house customers, Multotec field service crews are available to facilitate correct product installation and condition monitoring. This onsite product understanding and data enables predictive product life forecasts and local stockholding in satellite locations.

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