Clean-iX® for Base Metals

Clean-iX® from Multotec provides a cost-effective hydrometallurgical process for recovering base metals and converting them into saleable products. With ion exchange, base metals can be isolated and purified for various applications at a lower cost than conventional methods, while also being more environmentally friendly.

Clean-iX® is a simple and robust process for new and existing plants that provides efficient recovery of base metals from mine water, effluent and tailings. Using the principles of continuous counter-current ion exchange technology, Clean-iX® provides a highly efficient and cost-effective extraction, concentration and separation process for coppernickelcobalt and zinc. The use of the patented U-column elution technology produces a high purity eluate, which in turn reduces the size of downstream processing units.

Water with a copper content of over 60 ppm provides a profitable recovery operation. A content of over 100 ppm will generally provide payback in less than a year.

Clean-iX® can also be used to process nickel laterite ores. The application of resin-in-pulp processing in nickel laterite flow sheets has the potential to dramatically reduce the capital and operating costs for atmospheric leach slurries through the replacement of large counter current decantation and precipitation plants with smaller resin-in-pulp and elution plants.

  • Lower cost hydrometallurgical solution
  • Minimised use of chemicals
  • Reduced process steps for more efficient plant performance
  • High concentration and purity of base metals
  • High solids handling capability
Optimise your base metals recovery process with Clean-iX® from Multotec.
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