Clean-iX® for Rare Earths

The Clean-iX® process for Rare Earth Element (REE) recovery from Multotec has proven successful extraction and concentration of REE from impurities, with recoveries in excess of 90%.

Clean-iX®(REE) processing combines certain process steps into one unit process. It replaces the leaching circuit and certain precipitation stages with resin-in-leach ion exchange processes, reducing overall capital and operating costs.

  • Reduces the number of process steps
  • More than 90% REE recovery rate
  • Reduces capital and operating costs
  • Selective extraction of REEs
  • Fewer impurities

The Clean-iX® process eliminates costly solid/liquid separation while contacting the pulp with resin during leaching increases recovery. In addition, the ion exchange resin used is highly selective and therefore extraction of thorium, uranium and iron is reduced. This means there are less impurities carried over into the final product during precipitation.

Optimise your rare earth recovery process with Clean-iX® from Multotec.
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