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Control Valves


eDART are specialists in designing and manufacturing of slurry equipment. For flotation machines, we have the internally plug guided i-Dart Valve for deep tanks and the tri-Dart Valve for the shallower conventional cells. Our single- and dual- external slurry control valves are excellent for brownfield upgrades where safety is important and there are restrictive space constraint.

  • Reliable
  • Flexible design
  • Applicable to Green and Brownfield flow control design


Dosing Valves

The self flushing inline 3-Way dosing valve is used to neutralise tailings or to control the pH of the medium. Typically, rock lime (alkaline) in a ring main is continuously pumped around the circuit because it tends to settle and separate. Normally a Tee-piece is inserted into the line (called a take-off line) and the flow is controlled with a standard valve, for example, a knife or butterfly valve.

When the valve is closed the line is filled up with the stagnant lime and blocks. The dosing valve eliminates this by being located directly in the ring main. As the valve opens the vertical take-off line fills up. When closed the line gravity flushes and therefore does not leaving a pocket in the pipe to solidify.

Internal eDart Valve

DART’s internal dart valves are bodiless valves suitable for installation within the slurry tank, cell or box. There are two main variations – self-contained triDart valves which are factory calibrated and installed as a single unit; and iDart valves which have a bolt down seat cage with only a shaft extending to the actuation unit.

Both types offer the stability and reliability advantages of head-guiding where the plug is guided into the seat with bars set out all around the plug.

External Dart Valve

This valve is optimised for fine control of slurry flow from one flotation machine to the next. The single eDart has a customisable body and flange orientations to suit any plant.

Pinch Valves

The control pinch valves are supplied with reduced or full bore pinch sleeve with a single pneumatic actuator. These valves are value engineered to give a simple, robust and low-cost valve with good flow control capabilities.

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