Impact Liners

Impact liners protect the conveyance infrastructure of your plant from high-velocity impacts, maximising the lifespan of your equipment for a more efficient mineral processing operation. Our impact liners are manufactured from durable polyurethane, rubber and ceramics to enhance the lifespan of your equipment and reduce overall maintenance requirements.

Our impact liners are custom-designed and manufactured to be used at any high wear area, including chutes and transfer points.

Multotec’s impact solutions reflect over 40 years of mineral processing expertise! Our unique processing capabilities include customised in-house impact liner designs that offer a “fit-for-all purpose” solution for your mineral commodities that is easy to install and retrofit. We use highly targeted methodologies and learnings to solve almost any problem with our impact liners.

Benefits of our Impact Liners:

  • Extend the lifespan of your mineral processing operation
  • Reduce maintenance costs and time
  • Customised to your application
  • Wide range of fixing methodologies to suit any application
  • Modular design resolves safety issues during both transport and fitment processes

Discover how we relined two Zambian Copperbelt mills with our range of heavy-duty (HD) MultoMet impact liners. With our innovations in rubber impact liners, we were able to reduce downtime and drastically increase liner life compared to standard manganese liners. Read more about this cost-saving project here.

Multotec offers customised impact liners in a variety of materials and compounds to enhance the productivity of your mineral processing application.
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