Sampling Solutions

Launder Cross Cut Sampler

Multotec’s launder cross cut samplers are designed for optimal performance in horizontal or inclined open slurry stream applications where accurate and representative cross cuts of slurry streams are necessary.

Our rugged and custom-designed construction makes this open conduit sampler ideal for both light and heavy duty applications and can take representative cross cuts of all included slurry streams with no slurry reflux.

Features of our Launder Cross Cut Sampler:

  • Accurate and unbiased  cross cut samples  of gravity flow slurry streams
  • Designed for horizontal or inclined open slurries
  • Single or double rail construction possible
  • Polished stainless steel cutter construction
  • Operating speeds ≤ 0.45 m/s as per application
  • Sharp parallel blades of 20 to 40 mm in width
  • Light and durable PVC covers available for easy maintenance access
  • Bolt on mounting brackets or pads  provided for easy installation
  • Retrofit or Greenfields project supply

International mining houses such as Glencore Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance.
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