Magnetic Liners

Magnetic liners from Multotec can be supplied in either polyurethane or rubber, providing a high-quality lining that does not require mechanical or adhesive fastening. This enables a safe, simple and fast liner installation that offers maximum equipment and system protection in both high impact and abrasion wear applications, for a more efficient processing enterprise.

Multotec magnetic liners are suitable for lining trommel screens (feed and discharge); vibrating and static screens and sievebends (sides, feed box and discharge lip); beam protectors; tube protectors; chutes; and mill trunnions.

Rubber magnetic liners would be employed for large feed sizes in high-impact wear applications, while polyurethane is more suitable for sliding abrasion wear applications. Polyurethane liners are constructed in both standard injection moulded and cast configurations.

Our WS 2.10 Magnetic Liners:

  • Are mounted without bolting or adhesion
  • Do not require any steel retrofitting
  • Are easy, safe and quick to install and remove, without the need for additional tools
  • Are secure in vibrating, rotating and stationary equipment

Standard compression moulded magnetic liners can be procured in thicknesses of 
20 – 80 mm, as required by application.

Standard injection moulded side liners are provided in the following specifications:

  • 100 x 1 220 x 25 mm thick
  • 150 x 1 220 x 25 mm thick
  • 200 x 1 220 x 25 mm thick
  • 250 x 1 220 x 25 mm thick

Multotec supplies customised magnetic liners tailored to the size and thickness requirements of your processing application, to ensure your plant operates with maximum efficiency for a lower cost per processed ton!

Fit an enhanced protective lining that avoids mechanical and adhesive means of mounting, with magnetic liners from Multotec!
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